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Name: Pendrell, Lab Boy, Sean Pendrell, Pendy
Occupation: F.B.I. Agent
Fandom: The X-Files
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Agent Pendrell is an fan fave X-Files character.

He worked with Scully and Mulder in the office as a tech and science assistant.

Agent Pendrell has a crush on Scully which is shown throughout the series. Scully admits that after Pendrell dies that she never knew his first name.

Socks is a term used by fans in the late 1990s to refer to slash fiction that involved the X-Files character Pendrell.


Pendrell is usually shipped with Scully (Scully/Pendrell). Krycek/Pendrell is a rare pairing, probably invented by the fan Sheare Bliss. There is also some slash with MOC.

Odes to Pendrell

From a fan in 1997:
This essay in itself is an ode to Agent Pendrell. He might of appeared in a mear nine episodes of the X-Files, but to certain X-Philes he meant much more. What did he do wrong? Why did Chris Carter decide for him to die? The reason he gives is because they had to prove the X-Files is different from other shows because characters can die. I don't believe that's any reason to kill Pendrell though. All he ever did was have an OBVIOUS crush on Scully. Even Mulder once commented when he got upset thinking Scully had a date (Teliko 4X02). With all that aside we must think what would've happened if he had lived. Eventually in my little universe i believe that he would get his chance with Dana Scully who he admired so. Even though i am a Shipper, i do think that Pendrell & Scully would've made a great couple. He proved his love for her until the end, where he took the bullet instead for her in Max. He was loyal and that's what made him such a great character. The best characters are always the mortal ones, with a show you know the main ones can never die so they are immortal to you, you know they will always be there. The supporting characters in the X-Files seem to be killed off by the numbers every year, so i realize now that I shouldn't of taken Pendrell for granted. But it's too late for that, me and some fellow X-Philes have felt the loss of Agent Pendrell. His name still unknown, it's been mainly rumored to be Danny Pendrell, due to one episode in which Mulder "may" have called him Danny, and also it's been rumored to be in the CCG. Is this proof? No. His name could range from anything, but that's a real mystery. Scully herself didn't even know his name. Max is an episode dreaded by me in some ways. I just still can't believe Pendrell is gone, he was just such a good supporting character, how did he end up in a bar anyway? And why did Mulder barely even care when Scully said that Pendrell was dead? Chris Carter could atleast of been nice enough to make Mulder care about that Agent who worked in a lab and had a crush on Scully. In a way I guess that Chris Carter did atleast let him die respectively, please don't count him being drunk as non-respectful to his character. He had him die when Red-Neck Man (that's what i call him because he looks like Jeff Foxworthy to me) shot him because the bullet was meant for Dana Scully. Pendrell had put his life in danger and lost it protecting her, which makes this essay come to an end, with him going down "fighting" for the woman he loved. [1]
In 1998, a fan wrote about Pendrell:
Often I am asked, "Why are you so enamoured with a minor character who is DEAD? And all I can say to those folks, is:

How the hell should I know?

I mean, yeah, I think he's awful cute and he's a heck of a lot more fun than Marita, but, there's something more to him than gawk and blush (as opposed to Mulder's sturm und drang.) He got a certain quality that I find pretty indefinable but wonderful still the same.

I always enjoyed the lightness he brought to the show, a place sometimes so dark it really threatened to clinically depress. He was also the closest thing to a romantic interest for a long time there (hey, Mulder wasn't always knocking bees off of Scully's neck, ya know!) and I have fond memories of knowing that a good conspiracy ep was in the making when I saw Brendan Beiser's name in the credits.

He also seemed to represent the nerd in all of us, the geeky computer meister whose life was made much more exciting by the incredible evidence a beautiful woman would bring to him every now and then, not unlike us gawking at Scully every Sunday evening thinking of just how kewl that character's life *must* be. No wonder poor Pendy waited in the doorway for her arrival. It was just like us waiting every Sunday for the fabulous Agent Scully to show up in our homes.

And, didn't hurt, that the actor who played him looked like he needed a hug. (Oh, okay, I say a spanking, but shhhh...don't tell Beiser that.) Gotta give Brendan big, huge credit for taking a tiny role and turning it into something very special.

It takes talent to turn twelve minutes over a two year period into a memorable role, something that many of the minor characters on XF are *still* trying to accomplish with -much- more screen time to play with. Pendrell was sympathetic, annoying, cute, brilliant, clumsy... a doof with a heart of gold and a mind of quick-silver. Beiser used to say he didn't know what the hell Pendrell was saying, but, it always sounded pretty good.

But, like most good things in his universe, Chris Carter had to kill him in the end. I still say it was a ridiculous finale for the character, sort of like Dicken's Little Nell expiring after choking to death on a hot dog. I guess Carter or Spotnitz thought it would be an amusing exit for the character, gargling his last in a puddle of beer, but I'll freely admit I was crying pretty darned hard when it happened. I'm probably alone, but I think he deserved better farewell or at least a couple more years of occasional work. (As did Brendan Beiser who is a heck of a nice guy and good actor to boot.) [2]

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