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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: suspension
Author: mimesere (Sheila)
Dates: 19 February 2001 or before - ?
Fandom: Angel the Series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Star Wars TPM, Velvet Goldmine, Xena: Warrior Princess
URL: (Wayback link)
main page in 2002
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suspension was a personal fanfiction site with essays, links, images and more.


story page


   There's not enough yuck in the world.
   NC17. This is your only warning. Major spoilers for the Angel ep "Untouched".
   Metaphors for a missing moment.
   PG. Slash. And it came to pass that Sheila went totally nuts and wrote this weird thing to make Te and Ins happy.
   Gunn does. Gunn gets done.
   NC17. Slash. Gunn episode spoilers (but not really). Smut! Yeehaw!
   Fall In, Fall Out
   In which Wesley has sex with a bleached blond.
   R. Slash. Because Wesley deserves happiness.
   The Kindness of an Atheist
   In which Gunn has suspicions and then has sex.
   NC17. Slash. Why? Because I like it.
   Putting Down
   In which Gunn has a craptastic day.
   R. Slash. Sometimes you've just got to be vapidly fluffy.
   Something Like
   In which French poetry is discussed and sex is had.
   NC17. Slash. Light fluffy smut.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

   Bleeding By Numbers
   Giles, Oz, and angst abounds.
   PG. Slash. Um. Yeah. This one exists. Character death(s).
   Can't Touch the Sun
   Xander, Oz, Willow. Sex. Angst. Betrayal. Bring the kids!
   NC17. Oh, yeesh. One of my first attempts at a)slash, b)Xander/Oz, and c)smut. It shows.
   Daylight Fading
   Companion to Bleeding by Numbers from Oz's POV.
   PG. Slash. Another one that's just kind of there.
   Jenny takes Giles to another odd sporting event. Sappy, fluffy fun.
   PG. Gen. Well look at that: a fic of mine without Oz in it. It's kind of awful.
   Empty Space Inside
   Willow and Oz have a watcher of their own.
   PG. Gen. Oh. Yeah, this one. With Xander. I had issues with Homecoming and its aftermath, okay?
   Halcyon and On and On
   Xander helps Oz out with a little undercover work.
   PG. Slash. Woo. Um, my second and slightly better Xander/Oz story. Also, this was written before Angel ever aired. So...I got Jossed majorly.
   Hello Dolly
   Someone's taken their love of dolls one step too far. Companion to The So Not Right Stuff.
   PG. Gen. Humor. Well...maybe. I warned about the weird sense of humor, didn't I?
   I Was a Teenaged Crackhead
   The title really says it all. A multi-verse crossover involving Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the Anita Blake books, Babylon 5, Highlander, Forever Knight, My Fair Lady, a smidge of Star Wars: A New Hope, the Addams Family, Xena: Warrior Princess, Rent, Princess Bride, Chess, Darkwing Duck, Love and Curses/She-Wolf of London, X-Files, Due South, Men In Black, and Eek the Cat. It's frightening.
   PG. Humor. I...sometimes I drink too much caffeine. Things like this happen.
   Oz and Xander click.
   PG. Slash. The third time proves to be the charm with the guys here. This is just so weirdly peaceful and I dig it.
   Musings on the state of education.
   PG. Gen. Is it gen? Sorta. Yeah. Late night meanderings can be so freaking weird, y'know?
   Natural Blues
   Chain smoking in the Village.
   PG. Gen. Despite the similarity in titles, this has nothing to do with the one below.
   Only Blue
   In the wake of "Lover's Walk", Willow tries to reconcile with Oz. He, being a wise individual, says no (temporarily).
   PG. Gen. Yep indeedy. Issues with that whole Homecoming debacle out the freaking wazoo.
   Oz on the road and he's feeling fine.
   PG. Gen. I um. Have nothing to say about this one.
   Radio Silence
   A series of stories revolving around Oz. Some of them are okay, some of them are good, and some of them are better off forgotten. Also, I got majorly over it and unless something drastic happens, the series stands as is. No more of these stories from me. No sir. Gen and slash, ranging from G to NC17.
       Honestly, Okay
       Oz on words. PG. An okay one.
       Maintain a Little
       Oz on friendship. PG. Also an okay one.
       Morphic Resident
       Oz on Devon. Literally. NC17 slash. *gasp* I actually consider this one good. I could be delusional.
       White Noise
       Suicide becomes an issue. PG-13. And here we begin that downward slide into badness. See, this is why I should never be allowed to write serials.
       Instruments of Tin
       Possession and insanity, yeehaw. R. Begin Sheila's bizarre fixation on the aforementioned things.
       Things You Just do When You're Bored
       Devon thinks. NC-17. A minor blip on an otherwise uninterrupted downward trajectory.
       Looking Glass Self
       Devon has a confession. PG. I file this under the "what the fuck was I thinking?" category.
   Oz goes to Angel for some help with his demons.
   PG. Gen, slash implied. I'm a wuss, okay?
   The So Not Right Stuff
   Willow and Spike team up to stop the most evil vampires ever.
   PG. Humor. Really, there's no excuse. I'm just a whore. A cheap, moral-less whore. I still think it's kinda funny, though.
   Devon writhes, sings, and generally just proves what a slut he is.
   R. Slash. It's Devon. How could I resist?
   Time and Space
   In the wake of Willow and Xander's wedding, Oz prepares to leave Sunnydale for good. Giles says goodbye.
   PG. Slash. This was an experiment more than anything. You'll note that it failed. But I like this one anyway.
   A series of stories about Oz co-written with Dymphna. Goths, BDSM, and oh look, Oz is a werewolf and it actually plays a part in his life. And just to be entirely honest, I still like Alexa better than Veruca. So nyah. Offisite link.
   Unnaturally Colored Snack Foods
   Willow and Oz spend the afternoon with Giles.
   PG. Gen. Sometimes I curse "Homecoming" for knocking me on my ass when it comes to the whole Willow/Oz thing. And then I read the fic that it spawned and curse it some more. This is my roundabout way of saying I went kind of insane during season 3 and I never fully recovered.
   The Village Bicycle
   Oz wins a bet at Devon's expense.
   PG. Slash. Wow. You know, I don't think I realized quite how much fuzzy fluffy stuff I wrote.
   Within the Borderline
   Riley doesn't save Oz during "New Moon Rising". Bad things happen.
   R. The Initiative could have been so much scarier than it was. Bad secret government agencies with advanced technology! No biscuit!
   Woof, Bloody Woof
   The Evil Finals Week Monster attacks the 'ettes. Complete vapid randomness.
   PG. Gen. Humor. I had a really boring economics class and the finals week from Hell. Don't ever be a business major. It will suck your soul out your eyes.
   World Without End
   The Master rises on the night of the Harvest; Giles becomes a vampire; Oz becomes a victim.
   NC17 in a major way. Slash. There are consensuality issues here: caveat lector. I still kinda like this one too.


   The Story of David as Epic Literature
   My actual answers to a take-home quiz for my Bible Lit class. I'm kind of surprised I didn't fail the assignment.
   The Life of Joseph
   Same as the David thing, only for Joseph. I consider him to be a right annoying bastard.
   Good Omens: Visionary Literature and the Book of Revelations in popular Media
   My final paper for my Bible Lit class. I rambled a lot, but I got an A on it, so I'm almost curious to see what everyone else turned in. But not that curious.
   The Book of Revelations
   Terry Pratchett once said, "Oh, come on. Revelation was a mushroom dream that belonged in the Apocrypha. The New Testament is basically about what happened when God got religion." I tend to agree and with that in mind, here is my summary of the Book of Revelations.
   A Larger World
   How Star Wars changed my life. Take it with a grain of salt. Really.

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

I have a bad feeling about this.

   This Round World
   Obi-Wan has interesting nightmares.
   PG. Slash. Possibly disturbing imagery ahoy. Contains spoilers for the movie. I like Maul's tattoos. I like blood. I like doing bad bad things to Obi-Wan.
   Vader says the dread word and Obi-Wan finally snaps.
   G. Gen. Dubious humor. Spoilers through ANH. I refuse to believe that Jake Lloyd's Anakin is going to grow up to be EvilBastard!Vader but you know...what if it were true? 

Velvet Goldmine

   Rock and roll religion, baby. Arthur, Curt, and abject worship.
   R. Gen (hah! it's not slash if it's canon). AU of movie events because really, with a film like this, who needs to stick with canon?.
   Brian at the Death of Glitter concert. Curt on stage.
   PG-13. Gen. Happy fluffiness where they get back together! Oh, I think emphatically not. 

Xena: Warrior Princess

   The Conqueror Worm
   Caesar is a bad, bad, vile, evil shit of a man.
   R. Slash. Consensuality issues. You only hurt the ones you love, and I positively adore Joxer. Do the math. And I was working on a sequel to this, but...let's be honest. It's not going to happen. Not now, not ever.
   Deja Vu Yet Again
   A bunch of fics revolving around Annie (from "Deja Vu All Over Again"). Mostly happy, some pathos, some good, some not. More evidence against the "Sheila should write a series!" idea.
       A Wonderful World
       Annie meets some new friends. Old friends. Whatever. PG13. I don't mind this one so much.
       Some Fantastic
       Harry meets Annie's "friends". PG13. Still not minding so much. It's...fluffy cuteness.
       Before the West Was Won
       Just your usual Saturday morning. PG13. Still cute. Which is both insult and blessing, I think.
   Gathered in the Morning
   Alt-world Joxer gets into the rebel biz.
   R. Gen (sort of). I think maybe I'm just apathetic toward my brief stint in Xena-fandom. 

The Obsessive Links

The Order of Glitter

   Because style matters. A multi-fandom, multi-interest, multi-national group of people hell-bent on world domination and the extravagant use of glitter. I am not joking. Just you wait.


   Okay, so it's one of my own sites. Whatever. I can link it if I want to.

Kate Keene

   Another one of mine. This one I run for Kate Keene, who is a wonderful, wonderful person and a fun writer.

Jedihawke: Isabeau's digs

   A long time ago (going on 4 years), when I first got into fandom, I was lucky enough to meet Isa on IRC. There aren't many people I'd drive something like 14 hours to see, but she's one of them. She's one of my best friends, and funny and smart, and I love her all to pieces. Add that she's a faaaaabulous writer, and artist, and web person, and um. I'm gushing, aren't I? I am. Can't help it. She's in the process of moving, so be patient.


   I adore Te. And um, I could go into a whole list of reasons why, which would be gushy and sappy and silly, but it comes down to the fact that she's terribly cool, and I want to be her when I grow up. So yes. There we go.


   Dy, Dy, Dy. Extensive pretty website, loads of fantastic fic, and monkeys! Pictures, and monkeys, and stories, and woo-freaking-hoo. Go. See. Feel the glittery love. Feel it all over.


   So um. Look, there are writers that hurt the characters I love, and I adore them for it. Then there's Insomnitic, who writes these gorgeously dark things with hurt and more hurt and it's all so in character and gorgeous and did I mention the hurt? Who needs comfort when the people of Buffy and Angel suffer so beautifully?

eterniata * eros [unbound]

   So dig it: e*e[u] is a gorgeous archive filled with fic-y goodness. And while there is some stuff there that flip no switches for me, that's mostly because I'm contrary and picky and um. Don't hate me, but Spike fic does pretty much nothing for me. But as I said, that's all on me, and anyway, it's good to broaden one's horizons.

overactive i

   ElaineMc's site with links to a whole mess of things. Read the MOCK of the Eye of Argon. Read everything you can, for it is deeply perverse and amusing. And the WebWideWesley. Ethan stuff. Giles stuff. How can you go wrong?