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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: KK's Slash Menagerie
Author: Karen S
Dates: 03 December 1998 or before -
Fandom: Star Trek Voyager, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel the Series, CSI, Star Wars, LFN, X-Files, Stargate SG-1
URL: http://slashcity.net/karens/ (Wayback, 2004), (2001)
http://members.aol.com/KSoren0626/index.html (1999)
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KK's Slash Menagerie (also known as KK's Star Trek Fan Fic or Karen's Page) was a personal slash fanfiction site. It was hosted by SlashCity and linked at CaPtive as a Chakotay/Paris site.[1] The site used to be part of Artists in Residence.

Description from Spirit's Heavens:
Karen (KK) Soren's C/P and other fanfic - great C/P here. I particularly enjoyed her 'Coach' series[2]


Prophecies - R - Spike comes to Angel for help in fulfilling a 'prophecy'. (Slight spoiler for season 5 of Angel.)

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

What Are Friends For? - NC-17 - Buffy is unfaithful to Angel and Xander picks up the pieces. (Yeah, I know. A real AU.)

Big And Bad - NC-17 - Spike has a visitor...maybe two.

Proper Training - NC-17 - Sequel to Big And Bad. This time it's Giles that gets visited.

Inappropriate Behavior - NC-17 - Sequel to Big And Bad, and Proper Training. Angel and Wesley bond...or do they?

I've Got To See You Again - NC-17 - WIP Set after the ending of the Buffy series. It's 'Love Story' a la the Hellmouth...with a better ending, of course (S/X)


CSI - Crime Scene Investigation Birthday Cake - NC-17 - Nick and Gil have a private birthday party. (Short, hopefully a bit humorous.)

CSI - Crime Scene Investigation Ceilings - R - Nick's dealing with the events from the episode 'The Stalker'.

CSI - Crime Scene Investigation The Position - PG - Gil and the folks unwind. A few truths come to light.

CSI - Crime Scene Investigation Trust - PG - Someone needs some advice. (Almost a drabble.)

ST: Voyager

C/P Series

Somewhat Familiar (Tu/P - Tom Paris and Tuvok? Try it and see....)

Tom at 22 (C/P - An AU where Tom is the illegitimate son of Kathryn Janeway and Admiral Paris)

Love Hurts (C/P, Tu/N, K/V, J/T/7 - I cannot even begin to describe this series which began more or less on a dare from writers extraordinaire, Helmboy and Britta. In other words, blame them.)

Memories (J/C, C/P - Tom's efforts to recover his memories after a severe beating. Oh yes, and his romance and marriage to the Big Guy.)

My Highlander (C/P - Tom's tale of his 'first time' prompts a confession by Chakotay.)

Paris (J/C, C/P, J/T, K/7 - Traces the aftermath of Kathryn and B'Elanna's coming together.)

The Coach (C/P, others - This started with the PWP, 'The Coach' that apparently wasn't a PWP.)

Untold Love (P/omc/C? - Yes, another series. Another AU. Getting Chakotay and Tom together will be a little more difficult if Tom's lover, Vance, has anything to say about it.)

What's Done Is Done (P/Ayala - A series of stories following Tom from the Maquis into the early days of Voyager.)

Waiting (This actually consists of two series that start with a single story. One is C/P, the other P/Geron.)

C/P Stand-Alone stories and PWPs

PWPs (Bits and pieces, including a salute or two to Helmboy's Travelers series.)

Celebrations of Independence NC-17 (6K)Tom, and a bet, and some celebrating, and...

The Two-Step NC-17 – Tom and Chakotay’s first...date. Dedicated to Bridget, the Queen of Macho and Edgy.

The Sounds Of What? PG-13 – Tom and Chakotay spend a quiet evening reading...Not. Can you spot the guest stars?

Realizations NC-17 – Tom deals with the death of a loved one. (Angst, H/C, Sex)

I Just Want To Touch You NC-17 – AU, Tom misses his lover’s touch. H/C of a sort.

Destiny With Blue Eyes R - Just when did Tom and Chakotay first meet? Was it before the Maquis?

Want NC-17 - Realization comes in the morning staff meeting. Companion piece to 'Destiny With Blue Eyes'. POV shifts between characters.

Twister R - Tom and Harry and a friend play their own version of an old game. (Humor, sex)

What's Done Is Done NC-17 - Tom's thoughts and actions during his time with the Maquis. (Sex, angst)

What's Done is Done - Part 2 PG-13 - More thinking, this time during his first days on Voyager.

What's Done is Done - Part 3 PG-13 - The mission to uncover Seska's spy is over and Tom is wondering about possible repercussions.

The Party PG-13 - The boys disagree on their choice of costumes for a Voyager party. (Humor)

Wrong Turn PG-13 - Tom and Chakotay end up showing an AU crew how it's supposed to be. (and one pair in particular) (Humor)

The Eagle And The Wolf PG-13 - Seems to be an AU, but looks can be deceiving.

The Eagle And The Wolf - Expanded Version NC-17 - Same basic story as above, but in more detail. Oh, yeah, and sex. The

Becoming NC-17 (129K) Tom and Chakotay are forced to rely on one another when they are kidnapped and sold into slavery. (m/f, h/c, sex, angst)

The Right One NC-17 - Tom finds that the love of his life is not who he expected. (m/m, sex, angst)

La Femme Nikita

Supplementary Training - NC-17 - Birkoff becomes one of the guys by going on a mission with Michael. (A parody, hopefully, with a bit of sex)

Stargate: SG1

Sorry, Jack.... - PG-13 - ABC Fic. Daniel and a wounded Jack are separated from the rest of SG-1 during a mission. Not to be taken very seriously.

The X-Files

Feed My Fish - PG-13 - Skinner's thoughts about their relationship after The Pine Bluff Variant. (Angst, implied sex)

Star Wars TPM

One Man's Bottom - NC-17 - Alphabet fic with two of our favorite boys...in bed...doing things that some boys do...and if the rest knew how much fun they were, women would be out of a job.

Star Wars

Sleepless - NC-17 - Han finds out that Luke isn't quite as innocent as he thought. (Sex, humor)

Sleepless Two - NC-17 - The morning after the night before. ABC Fic. 26 lines, each starting with a consecutive letter of the alphabet. (Sex, humor)


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