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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: The Underground
Author: Punk Maneuverability
Dates: 1997 - present, last update: 7 July 2021
Fandom: Due South, Smallville, Sports Night, Stargate Atlantis, West Wing, X-Files, Misc: Everwood, MOPI, Sentinel, ABC, Katamari Damacy, Doctor Who, Kingdom Hearts, BtVS, Scrubs, Medium, Bones, Psych.
URL: (2006)
main page in 2016
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The Underground is a personal fanfiction site. It's had several homes over the years and was a member of the X-Files Fanfic Webring.[1] The site has a separate page with links for podfics that other fans made of Punk's stories. Between 2014 and 2018 the site was updated once and in 2019 it moved to a new URL.


Due South

   The First Six Times
   [F/K, 3k, PG]: The rundown.
   Gun, with Occasional Kangaroo: A Love Story
   [F/K, 76k, PG]: Frannie's got a romance novel with a big strapping Mountie on the cover, shirt hanging open, hair blowing in the wind, you know the kind.
   » Cover by Cybel
   » Available as podfic
   The Lipstick Mafia
   [F/K, 13k, PG]: He's covered in a thin coat of grime, like a coal miner, or a TV orphan.
   » Cover by Mific
   » Available as podfic
   [F/K, 8k, PG]: This first land was just big enough for the house that was on it. There were three people in the house.
   » Cover by Livia Penn
   Verse Chorus Verse
   [F/K, 22k, PG]: The beginning of the end and the end of the beginning.
        » Cover by Livia Penn
   » Available as podfic


   Angry Greeks
   [Chloe, 67k, PG]: She lets him keep his secrets. A prequel to Interstitial.
   Brand New Normal
   [Clark/Lex, 42k, R]: Normal is relative.
   [Toast, 1k, G]: Based on a true story.
   A Clark/Lex Epic of Staggering Genius written w/Tiffany Rawlins
   [Eggers, 23k, R]: Here is a drawing of a cow.
   Curator of the Life & Death Museum
   [Clark/Lex, 29k, R]: Lex kept it all.
   » Cover by LauraB
   Domestic Relations
   [Clark/Lex, 18k, PG]: Lex comes from a broken home. Clark just lives in one.
   The First Four Years
   [Clark/Lex, 73k, NC-17]: The prom theme has something to do with Paris. If Paris were a high school gym with a cover band.
   » Cover by LauraB
   [Clark/Clark, 33k, R]: As if Clark didn't have identity problems before.
   » Cover by LauraB
   » Artwork by LauraB
   Freshman Orientation
   [Clark/Lex, 48k, NC-17]: Welcome to Metropolis University.
   » Cover by Jed
   [Clark/Lex, 163k, NC-17]: He doesn't know why this is happening.
   » Cast page
   » Commentary by Punk
   » Commentary by Elandrialore
   » Cover by Jed
   » Wallpaper by Allyoops
   » Available as podfic
   [Sushi, 2k, G]: Previously unreleased footage from Interstitial.
   Meanwhile, back in Metropolis...
   [Clark/Lex, 85k, NC-17]: You are not exclusively the brawn, and he is not always the brains.
   » Commentary by Punk
   » Cover by Fleur
   The Milk and Cookies War
   [Clark/Lex, 37k, PG]: Lex Luthor's Penthouse for Wayward Boys.
   » Available as podfic
   Name us a King
   [Clark/f, 20k, NC-17]: Lionel Luthor's defunct. A prequel to Interstitial.
   No man is an island, but I am no man.
   [Crazy, 1k, G]: He stands over me.
   The Opposite of Chloe
   [Chloe, 5k, G]: Chloe's done the math.
   [Clark/Lex, 51k, NC-17]: So, maybe there was a reason pretending to be gay wasn't such a stretch.
   Self-Defense written w/Tiffany Rawlins
   [Clark/Lex, 22k, NC-17]: Clark needs boxing lessons like Lex needs a week at Wharton Business School.

Sports Night

   Fan Mail from a Flounder
   [Dan/Casey, 21k, PG]: An epistolary thing.
   Junk Novels written w/Sab
   [Dan/Casey, 26k, PG]: Dan has pretzels, Casey leads a small revolution, and Juan's at camp.
   Player Piano written w/Sab
   [Dan/Casey, 21k, PG]: The combo went back to New York.
   Midnight, New Jersey
   [Dan, 8k, G]: The clock ticks over.
   Tin Men
   [Dan/Casey, 13k, PG]: Danny's living in borrowed shorts. Casey looks on.
   Travelling with Children written w/Sab
   [XO, 11k, PG]: In the armory we have: one revolver, some rope, a candlestick, a knife, a wrench, and a fork.
   Unbreakable Players
   [Dan/Casey, 7k, PG]: Spilled coffee, mysterious boxes, and tapered back toe.
   Welcome to the Monkey House
   [Dan/Casey, 1k, G]: Evolution.

Stargate Atlantis

   Able to Zoo
   [Various, 24k, R]: Twenty-six stories about five or six people.
   » Artwork by Ileliberte
   » Picture book by Anna Luna
   » Available as podfic
   [McKay/Sheppard, 7k, PG]: Apparently John and Rodney had done Teyla grievous harm by discussing Star Trek in front of her.
   » Available as podfic
   As hands do
   [McKay/Sheppard, 7k, G]: Einstein said putting your hand on a hot stove could make a minute feel like an hour.
   » Cover by Cybel
   » Available as podfic
   The Astrophysicist's Guide to Sex Toys
   [McKay/Sheppard, 7k, NC-17]: Sheppard's like a kid in some kind of store.
   » Available as podfic
   Blind Date
   [McKay/Sheppard, 1k, G]: In a blind trial, the subject does not know if he is part of the experimental group or the control group. Or: Rodney forgets about negotiation.
   Book Club
   [McKay/Sheppard, 3k, G]: Rodney is rarely quiet for extended periods of time.
   The Bottom Line
   [McKay/Sheppard, 12k, NC-17]: This time the angry mob was Rodney's fault. Won 2nd place in 2007 McShep Awards for Aliens Made Them Do It.
   [McKay/Sheppard, 17k, PG-13]: Why did the zombie cross the road?
   [McKay/Sheppard, 28k, R]: Featuring John Sheppard as The Man.
   [McKay/Sheppard, 7k, PG-13]: Rodney's sweatshirt is soft and worn.
   » Available as podfic
   [McKay/Sheppard, 22k, PG]: Jeannie once told him he was no catch.
   The Compromise of Living with Genius
   [McKay/Sheppard, 1k, G]: It strikes without warning.
   Dr. Rodney's Science Corner
   [AU, 3k, G]: Check your local listings for date and time.
   » Manip by Crysothemis
   » Read Catalysis for Dummies by Crysothemis
   » Read Steady State by thedeadparrot
   [McKay/Sheppard, 2k, G]: Outside, the sky's a sweet orangy pink.
   [McKay/Sheppard, 10k, PG]: Sheppard, drunk and conferring with the flowers.
   » Cover by le mot mo
   » Available as podfic
   Fisting: A Non-Fiction Essay by John Sheppard
   [McKay/Sheppard, 4k, NC-17]: It was Rodney's idea.
   » Available as podfic
   [McKay/Sheppard, 5k, PG]: It's easier to get Rodney McKay out of his pants than into them.
   » Available as podfic
   [McKay/Sheppard, 11k, NC-17]: Earth's not home anymore.
   » Available as podfic
   » Read the I've Got a Theory Remix by wearemany
   Hard Candy
   [McKay/Sheppard, 4k, PG]: Jolly Rancher's watermelon candies have no citric acid, and instead get their tartness from a chemical derived from sour apples.
   » Available as podfic
   Home Economics
   [McKay/Sheppard, 13k, G]: Think galactically, act locally.
   The Hot Phlebotomist
   [McKay/Sheppard, 24kb, G]: There's the usual business with the alcohol wipe and the stretchy bit of tubing, then the hot guy in the lab coat tells Rodney to make a fist.
   [McKay/Sheppard, 22k, NC-17]: Maybe there was something to this shaving thing after all.
   » Cover by Cybel
   » Available as podfic
   How to Date an Asshole
   [McKay/Sheppard, 14k, NC-17]: They're at an impasse. Won 1st place in 2007 McShep Awards for Kink.
   » Available as podfic
   Imagine Whirled Peas
   [McKay/Sheppard, 1k, G]: His other pro-tolerance bumper sticker is also condescending.
   Industrial Arts
   [McKay/Sheppard, 7k, NC-17]: The important thing is that Rodney has a wrench and John's lurking in the doorway, staring at his ass.
   » Available as podfic
   Just Say When
   [McKay/Sheppard, 5k, G]: No one knows who they are or where they're going. They're just two boring gay guys on vacation.
   The King of Atlantis
   [McKay/Sheppard, 28k, PG]: Carson assigns John a Marine and gives him strict instructions not to set foot outside his quarters.
   » Available as podfic
   A Lorentzian Slip of the Tongue
   [McKay/Sheppard, 14k, NC-17]: Rodney isn't a Freudian.
   » Available as podfic
   [McKay/Sheppard, 5k, R]: It may be impairing his judgment. Just a little.
   » Commentary by Paceus
   » Available as podfic
   Mad scientist
   [McKay, 1k, G]: Dr. McKay yells a lot.
   [McKay/Sheppard, 3k, G]: One way it might go.
   » Artwork by Ileliberte
   » Available as podfic
   » Read John's POV by apple_pi
   » Read Rodney's POV by Sera
   The Mind/Body Problem written w/Sab
   [Sheppard/Weir, McKay/Sheppard, 114k, NC-17]: Rodney's limp, Weir looks hot in red, Ronon's a trooper, Tucker gets hit by a rock, Carson's making stuff up as he goes along, and Radek Zelenka needs a vacation. Meanwhile, John takes a shower.
   [McKay/Sheppard, 4k, PG]: After.
   » Available as podfic
   The nth Doctor
   [McKay/Sheppard, 8k, G]: Geniuses work best when warm.
   » Available as podfic
   The one where John and Rodney work at Starbucks written w/Sab
   [McKay/Sheppard, 8k, G]: John is twenty years old, an art student, and obviously a complete waste of space.
   Performing Arts
   [McKay/Sheppard, 13k, NC-17]: John through the looking glass.
   Pictures from a Moving Car
   [McKay/Sheppard, 8k, PG]: The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step of getting Rodney McKay in the damn car.
   » Cover
   » Available as podfic
   Planet of the Muddy Apes
   [McKay/Sheppard, 4k, R]: Their pants are a total loss.
   » Available as podfic
   [McKay/Sheppard, 7k, NC-17]: John's created a blowjob monster.
   » Available as podfic
   [McKay/Sheppard, 3k, PG]: Rodney's keeping track.
   » Available as podfic
   A Short History of Dog Tags
   [McKay/Sheppard, 9k, R]: Sheppard doesn't have tits, but Rodney's willing to overlook that.
   » Available as podfic
   The Slave Trade
   [McKay/Sheppard, 14k, PG]: Sheppard's gone and gotten himself enslaved again.
   » Available as podfic
   [McKay/Sheppard, 5k, R]: This is his reward, not because he's been good, but because he hasn't.
   The Sun that Comes Out of the Clock
   [McKay/Sheppard, 9k, NC-17]: There's no getting around it. It's an orgy.
   Superpowers written w/Pares
   [Rodney/lesbians, 14k, PG]: Rodney McKay and laser beams of Lesbos.
   [Crack, 4k, G]: The secret life of furniture. Sequel to Tabled.
   [McKay/Sheppard, 5k, R]: In Atlantis, the tables can hear you scream.
   » Artwork by Steammmpunk
   » Available as podfic
   The Totally True Story of Two Men About to Have Sex
   [Parody, 5k, R]: Whatever the opposite of Good, Giving, and Game is.
   » Available as podfic
   Two Bells
   [McKay/Sheppard, 38k, G]: He's saying things. Things he'd never say if he weren't wearing a blindfold.
   [Team, 6k, G]: The Ukani need the sea.
   » Available as podfic
   [McKay/Sheppard, 6k, G]: Love in the time of drawstring underpants.
   [McKay/Sheppard, 11k, PG]: Rodney doesn't know whether he should go for the ice cream or Sheppard's mouth.
   » Cover
   » Available as podfic
   When the Subject is a Fraction
   [McKay/Sheppard, 8k, PG]: Cadman left something behind.
   [McKay/Sheppard, 5k, G]: Rodney thought he'd cancelled Valentine's Day.

West Wing

   [Sam/Ainsley, 11k, PG]: She may have seen a peach there, and later he would watch her eat it. Won 1st place in 2001 Jeds for Outstanding Sam/Ainsley.
   Drunk written w/Sab
   [Josh/Donna, 31k, PG]: Donna is marvelous, Sam's a mixed drink, CJ can dance, Ainsley's having tequila, and Josh is any one of the Seven Dwarves.
   Everything he almost had
   [Sam, 10k, PG]: He didn't want this.
   Exit Tax
   [CJ, 34k, PG]: CJ Cregg, working for the man.
   Fish and Frigates
   [CJ, 11k, PG]: Coffee, God, Country.
   VC-25A written w/Sab
   [Ensemble, 27k, G]: CJ, Sam, Ainsley, filet of sole, Toby, a raft, some other people, and a room with a glass door, in the great tradition of experimental dinner theater.
   Weak Passes written w/Sabine
   [Sam/Donna, 28k, G]: It's lobsters and Sam.
   You and Me in a Rowboat to Rio written w/Sab
   [Josh/Sam, 28k, PG]: You can never go home again, but sometimes you can go to Florida.

The X-Files

   About a Keychain
   [Angst, 18k, PG]: Scully and a tattooed friend attempt to make Mulder fess up on the significance of that elusive keychain.
   Across a Desk
   [Angst, 12k, G]: Mulder and Scully face off over his desk. Scully gets a little help from an unexpected source.
   [h/c, 8k, G]: Scully falls non-fatally ill and is just delirious enough to ask for Mulder's help.
   All of His Funerals
   [Angst, 6k, G]: Scully waits by Mulder's grave.
   All of His Funerals (Back in Black 2006 Remix)
   [Angst, 5k, G]: Nine years later, Scully's still waiting for Mulder to die.
   Anyone with a Gun written w/Sab as V. Salmone
   [MSR, 18k, PG]: Mulder, Scully, and a gun.
   Between Partners
   [M/S UST, 6k, G]: Mulder and Scully have a conversation on a couch. And just to be difficult they don't use any words.
   [Angst, 5k, G]: Set during Memento Mori. Mulder waits in a hospital hallway.
   [Gen, 6k, G]: She looked out of place next to the UFO photographs that were tacked to the wall above her head.
   [Scully/m, 30k, PG]: She never talked about her time with the FBI.
   Dreams Melt as Snow
   [MSR, 8k, G]: Scully's dreams get tangled up with the snow, and she finds that sometimes it's just best to let them both go.
   Escape Speed
   [MSR, 12k, R]: Mulder and Scully, driving. It's the feel good hit of the season.
   False Footing
   [Angst, 11k, G]: Set during Memento Mori. Scully considers what her life is like now that she must share it with cancer.
   Flea Market Economy
   [MSR, 66k, R]: She gets the feeling this is Mulder's fault, because these things usually are.
   The Hotel Bed: A Universal Invariant
   [Crack, 16k, PG]: Scully is having trouble sleeping. She gets angry at her pajamas and rearranges some furniture. Not necessarily in that order.
   How to Fake an Orgasm written w/Sab as V. Salmone
   [Mulder/f, MSR, 140k, R]: Mulder, Scully, and the other woman.
   [Rift, 136k, R]: Mulder and Scully investigate the circumstances surrounding a fifteen-year-old girl's multiple disappearances.
   » Cover by wen
   Inside a Warehouse
   [Crack, 13k, PG]: Mulder and Scully find themselves in a familiar fanfic setting. Unfortunately for them, the little voices inside their heads have got designs on running the show.
   The Jukebox at Fall Arrow Inn
   [M/S UST, 11k, G]: Mulder and Scully make a stop on their way to the middle of nowhere.
   Just Temporary
   [a series in progress]: A look backwards, to the beginning.
   [M/K UST, 5k, PG]: This is Krycek's job. Won 3rd place in 2002 Spookys for Outstanding Krycek Characterization.
   Licked to Death written w/Sab
   [XO, 14k, PG]: Because this is a crossover, Mulder and Scully show up.
   Lived and Were
   [Angst, 9k, G]: Scully tries to put Mulder into words.
   Living with the Dreaming Body
   [MSR, 14k, PG]: The heart is an involuntary muscle.
   Lost in Translation
   [MSG, 4k, PG]: Hell Money on acid.
   Mixed Signals
   [Parody, 18k, PG]: Mulder and Scully have a little trouble with their background music.
   Moot Point #1: The Wedding
   [Parody, 16k, PG]: Scully's plans to get married are disturbed when Mulder shows up at the last minute, and then Mulder's plans are complicated when Scully develops an attitude. Furthermore, everybody keeps interrupting them, and everybody's plans need to be put on hold.
   Moot Point #2: By Any Other Name
   [Parody, 7k, PG]: The phone rings. Someone picks it up. A conversation. Denouement.
   Moot Point #3: The Conspiracy Conspiracy
   [Parody, 9k, PG]: The Cigarette Smoking Man flaunts his knowledge.
   Moot Point #4: The Edge
   [Parody, 7k, PG]: Scully delves into the possibilities of the edge.
   [Gen, 2k, PG]: Lighting his last cigarette, he surveyed the gloom of his kingdom.
   Mulder Time
   [Goofy, 9k, G]: A trek back in time to a goofier, more excitable Mulder and a Scully who would laugh out loud. Think "Pilot."
   My Affairs
   [Angst, 9k, PG]: Scully finds herself writing a letter.
   An Ode to Sweeps
   [Poem, 2k, G]: Originally posted to
   [Angst, 23k, PG]: Apocalypse doesn't always mean the end of the world.
   » Cover by Trelawney
   Other Night
   [M/S UST, 13k, G]: It's Halloween. Mulder and Scully decide to dress up.
   Our Kryceks
   [Meta, 4k, R]: He was betrayed with a kiss, he passed it on.
   Our Mulders
   [Meta, 4k, PG]: We were cruising for trouble when we picked up Fox Mulder.
   Our Scullys
   [Meta, 4k, PG]: We were looking for a hero, but we found Dana Scully.
   Our Skinners
   [Meta, 4k, PG]: Things fall apart.
   Pocket Full of Kryptonite
   [Pendrell, 7k, G]: Pendrell spends a quiet evening at home and contemplates calling Scully.
   [XO, 1k, G]: It was like no one ever went in there.
   [MSR, 5k, R]: A mysterious or fascinating quality or appeal, as of something adventurous, heroic, or strangely beautiful.
   The Second to Last 7-Eleven written w/Sab as V. Salmone
   [MSR, 122k, R]: Fire. Texas. Family. Won 2nd place in 2000 Spookys for Outstanding Long Story.
   » Cover by Trelawney
   » Story trailer by Trelawney
   Spooky Action Bonus Fun Hour
   [Noir, 9k, PG]: I'm Fox Mulder, and I'm from the future.
   St. Scully and The Zucchini Man
   [Goofy, 11k, G]: Lucky Scully gets two marriage proposals in one sitting.
   Straightforwardly written w/Sab as V. Salmone
   [M/S UST, 5k, G]: The short version.
   Strange Fruit
   [MSR, 21k, PG]: A story about pomegranates and kisses and Mulder. Won 1st place in 2000 Spookys for Outstanding MSR UST.
   Travelling with Children written w/Sab
   [MSR, 11k, PG]: In the armory we have: one revolver, some rope, a candlestick, a knife, a wrench, and a fork.
   [Gen, 9k, PG]: "What's the last thing you remember?" she asked. A better question would have been, What is the first thing you don't remember?
   Unused Morning written w/Sab as V. Salmone
   [1k, G]: In the morning.
   Venture Forth
   [Mulder/f, 165k, PG]: Believe me, sir, had I such venture forth, / The better part of my affections would / Be with my hopes abroad. Won 2nd place in 1998 Spookys for Outstanding Mulder/other.
   Venture Forth: Navigation
   [M/S UST, 15k, PG]: Venture Forth universe, Scully spends three days searching for Mulder.
   The Wabash, Far Away
   [Sk/M UST, 20k, PG]: Skinner's a long way from home and his thoughts begin to drift.
   The Wabash, Far Away 2
   [M/S UST, 18k, PG]: What happened next.
   Warning: Love May Cause Drowsiness
   [15k, G]: My first fic. It's warm and fuzzy and out of character, but mostly harmless. Scully's got cramps and takes some muscle relaxants. Mulder thinks she's cute.
   The Weaker Sex
   [AU, 40k, PG]: The pilot, genderflipped.
   The Winter Vein
   [M/S, 12k, PG]: A sliver of ice in a lonely heart.


   The Box, The Sea, Rose, Her Mum, The Doctor's Heart (and the rest of him)
   [Doctor Who, 10k, G]: He was sent into exile because he was dangerous. He destroyed the Dalek empire and told Rose Tyler he loved her.
   Desk Job
   [Psych, 2k, G]: Office hijinks.
   Errata written w/Tiffany Rawlins
   [Everwood, 38k, R]: It's hard to do this one-handed.
   [MOPI, 6k, R]: A narcoleptic travelogue.
   [Kingdom Hearts, 2k, G]: The water feels like wind, like flying.
   Licked to Death written w/Sabine
   [Sentinel, 14k, PG]: Because this is a crossover, Mulder and Scully show up.
   Like a Fish Needs an Anthropologist
   [Sentinel, 13k, G]: The truth was he was lucky, and most days he knew it. Not the days Sandburg made wheat grass shakes in the blender and forgot to rinse it out, but most of the others.
   My New Pants
   [Scrubs, 18k, PG]: JD's having one of those days.
   » Available as podfic
   [Buffy, 1k, G]: It was like no one ever went in there.
   A Short Story About Undershorts and Waffles
   [Medium, 4k, G]: Absolutely no one had tried to kill her in her sleep.
   Singapore Standard Time is the same as Australian Western Standard Time
   [Katamari Damacy, 4k, G]: Earth people are weird.
   They Might be Millionaires! written w/Sabine
   [ABC, 25k, PG]: Regis put a hand out like a karate chop.
   Why Tycho Quit Drinking
   [Katamari Damacy, 7k, G]: Trailing a cloud of stardust and gin, drunk and possibly missing his crown, the King goes home.
   (You and) Things Like You written w/Sabine
   [Bones, 15k, G]: A book about sex.


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