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Name: Crysothemis
Alias(es): Crys
Type: fanartist, fanwriter
Fandoms: due South, Stargate Atlantis
URL: Chez Crysothemis,
on AO3, on LJ, on DW
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Crysothemis was a popular writer in Due South; she has a site hosted at MRKS and was a contributor to the zine Serge Protector. She is now well-known in Stargate: Atlantis fandom for her delicate and realistic pencil portraits (some of which appeared in the zine Surfacing), as well as for her fanfiction.

Writing style

sageness says of Crys' due South stories:

"Crysothemis writes long, detailed, richly textured stories with a great sense of romance, partnership, and place. Fannish tropes abound, and her writing captures the fundamental sweetness of the show. Crys has a talent for capturing characters' voices and for writing humor. She has several novel- and novella-length stories, including fandom classic True North, as well as a few later short fics." [1]

Notable Stories

due South

  • True North (Fraser/Kowalski, NC-17). Post-Call of the Wild, Maggie Mackenzie unwittingly reveals Fraser's deepest secret. Considered to be one of the "must reads" in DS fandom.
  • IOU (Fraser/Kowalski, PG-13). A fabulous ep tag for Odds wherein Fraser collects his IOU on air.
  • Blind Justice (Fraser/Kowalski, Adult). The one where the consulate gets fumigated, Fraser gets poisoned, and Fraser has to go stay with RayK while they catch the bad guys.
  • Unlikely Odds (Fraser/Kowalski, Adult). What *really* happened during "A Likely Story" and "Odds."

Stargate Atlantis

  • Happy
  • Ways To Die in the Pegasus Galaxy (McKay/Sheppard, NC-17). Since when was sleeping together -- really, just sleeping -- some kind of a kink? The one where Rodney keeps climbing into bed with John.
  • Fix (McKay/Sheppard, NC-17). John has a problem. Rodney really doesn't want to help. Crys has three different versions of this story to choose from, and all are fabulous. You can read John's POV, Rodney's POV or a combination of the two.
  • Should've Been My Girlfriend (McKay/Sheppard, NC-17). Genderswap, borderline transfic story that does a good job of showing how feels to be in the wrong body, and how the chance to have the right person be attracted to you might not be enough to make it worth while.



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