Serge Protector

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Title: Serge Protector
Publisher: Sacred Stetson Press
Date(s): 2000
Medium: print zine, ezine
Fandom: Due South
Language: English
External Links: online here
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Serge Protector is a slash anthology. It was a print zine [1] as well as a ezine. Artists are Crysothemis, Kellie Matthews, Sandy Steiner, and Diane Taurins.


The zine is online here.

  • Heroics by Viridian5
  • Knowing The Place by Kellie Matthews
  • Away by Te
  • Air Guitar by Aukestrel
  • Blind Justice by Crysothemis
  • Old Lock/New Key by Bone
  • Popsicle by Kellie Matthews
  • Waiting to Fall by Aukestrel
  • His Only Vice by Meghan Black
  • Images by necessary angel
  • Blowback by LaT
  • Sweet by Andre
  • Helping Hands by Sandy Steiner
  • With Pleasure by Surfgirl
  • Unguarded Protectorate by Mairead Triste & Bone

Reactions and Reviews

See reactions and reviews for Blind Justice.
See reactions and reviews for Away.
[Unguarded Protectorate]: In due South stories, I have a distinct preference for Fraser and Ray (okay, both Rays) to be fairly competent and fairly stable. Strange and damaged by their pasts, undoubtedly, but still sane and functioning. So it's a measure of Mairead Triste and Bone's writing abilities that I love this story: not only is RayK remarkably messed up, but we get to go along on the ride to see exactly how dealing with Fraser leads him slip-sliding down the slope of denial. Unguarded Protectorate was first published in Serge Protector and I'm delighted that it's now available on the Web. [1]
[zine]: Serge Protector... is probably the best Fraser/RayK zine ever published, and one of the best zines published, period. Everything in this one was just beautiful from the editing work right down to the breathtaking stories. [2]
[zine]: An adequate freshman effort from Sacred Stetson Press. [3]


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