Diane Taurins

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Name: Diane Taurins
Type: fan artist
Fandoms: the various Star Treks, Highlander: The Series, The X-Files
Communities: Star Base Andromeda
URL: http://www.portraitplanet.com/
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Diane Taurins is a fan artist and writer. Long-time member of her local science fiction club Star Base Andromeda, and regular contributor to that club's newsletter, The Andromedan Log, when it was still publishing. She created Highlander Lust List Limited, a private, female-only Highlander mailing list.

Diane has been highly active in discussion groups on-line, especially for specific actors that strike her fancy, including Hugh Jackman, Eric Etebari, and Jason Isaac. You can find numerous pieces of fan art she did for those actors (and others) on her PortraitPlanet.com art website.

She was an original member of Patrick Stewart Estrogen Brigade.

Example Art