Star Base Andromeda

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Fan Club
Name: Star Base Andromeda
Dates: February 1974-present
Country based in: United States
Focus: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Action/Adventure
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flyer for club from Berengaria #3 in July 1974

Star Base Andromeda is Lincoln, Nebraska's longest-running Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Action/Adventure club. Founded on February 7, 1974 as Lincoln's "City-Wide Star Trek Club", it has expanded to encompass a wide variety of fannish interests and pastimes.

Charter (founding) members included: Richard Heim Jr., Nancy Munden, Marvin Riedel, David Robinson, David Lowery, Agris Taurins and Marvin Bishop.

Noteworthy fans who have gone on to other fandom activities outside of this club include: Richard Heim Jr. (fan writer/editor/publisher), Vicki Kirlin (fan writer/editor/publisher), Greg Kubitschek (film-maker), Matthew Sweet (yes, the musician), Diane Taurins (fan artist), Ann Larimer (fan artist/writer/publisher), Scott Clark (fan writer/publisher), Connie Olberding (fan writer), Mike Cole (fan artist)

Members of this club have been long-time supporters of local, Midwestern conventions, including Omacon, Contretemps, Love of Trek, Maelstrom and Demicon. Members of Star Base Andromeda formed Andromeda Conventions to put on two conventions -- Andromeda One (1994) and Andromeda Two (1995). They have also served on the concomms of other conventions, including Concussion and Constellation.

The club also sponsored the 1974 con Rigel-Tu.


The fanclub publishes/published two fanzines.