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Title: Maelstrom
Publisher: Prime Time Press
Author(s): M.D. Bloemker, editor is Mary Fall
Cover Artist(s): Ann Larimer (front), M.D. Bloemker (back)
Date(s): May 1987
Medium: print
Fandom: Shadow Chasers
Language: English
External Links: online pdf version
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front cover by Ann Larimer
back cover
sample text

Maelstrom is a 148-page Shadow Chasers novel by M.D. Bloemker.


"A novel in three parts, Maelstrom is an emotionally charged and deeply cathartic story. In some ways, this is Mary B's masterwork." [1]


  • Part 1: Too Long at the Fair (1)
  • Part 2: Eyes of a Stranger (31)
  • Part 3: Alone in the Dark (72)


Maelstrom is a story about friend ship. Friendship tested, stretched to the very limits of what that word Implies. And, at the same time. It Is a story of two men forced to explore their Inner selves, to come to a new understanding of just who Edgar Benedek and Jonathan MacKensle really are . The journey is not easy, and neither was the creation of this novel. Ask any one who has observed Mary sweating through each and every word, sentence and paragraph In the last year. But, the end result Is very much worth reading, with the warning that no punches are pulled here. This Is not a light-hearted jaunt through the ceme tery on Halloween, but serious journey Into the darker reaches of the human psyche. But, If you are willing to give it a try, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Reactions and Reviews

"A serious journey into the human psyche. Maelstrom is a novel about friendship, friendship tested and stretched to its very limits as Jonathan and Benny are forced to a new understanding of who they are. Powerful emotive writing, h/c, smarm and angst galore. [2]


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