Mutant Sex

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Title: Mutant Sex
Publisher: X-Press, sometimes distributed by Agent With Style
Date(s): 2002
Medium: print
Fandom: Mutant X
Language: English
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Mutant Sex is a slash Mutant X anthology.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Diane Taurins

Mutant Sex 1 was published in October 2002 and contains 212 pages.

From the foreward, "This zine is dedicated to Minotaur, who did the impossible task of getting me into another fandom! (The Sentinel only, for four years! Now this...) Hopefully, all the smut contained therein will be a just reward for his pimping efforts. Thanks also to Minotaur for his encouragement and betaing, and for helping me rain in the wild run-on sentences. I wrote the cowboy scene just for you! ;-)"

  • Absolutely by JenCat--Brennan is captured by a group of scientists intent on using his powers for evil purposes: to drain him of his power until he is dead. Brennan is rescued in the nick of time by his teammates, who must do their best to help Brennan recover from the horrors inflicted on his mind and body. Especially helpful is Jesse, who has been carrying a torch for his friend longer than he cares to admit. An unusual connection forms between the two men as they work to rebuild what was lost, and build something more. (134 pages)
  • Boy Scout by JenCat--AU. Jesse is out at a club one night, where he sees a gorgeous man across the bar, who passes out in front of him as a result of a date rape drug. Turns out Brennan was to be the next victim of two serial rapists/murderers, until Jesse intervenes. As one of their previous victims was a famous person, Brennan and Jesse are thrust into the media spotlight, and they are pursued unrelentingly by the press. Despite all this, the two manage to form a connection, and are able to start a relationship and have lots of hot, monkey sex while avoiding the press. (78 pages)
  • art by Diane Taurins

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, cover by Sockii

Mutant Sex 2 was published November 2003 and is 212 pages long. Its cover art is by Sockii.

  • Hunted by JenCat (1)
  • Kitty Cat by JenCat (36)
  • Sturmentanz by Jane Mailander (41)
  • Frozen by JenCat (46)
  • Dr. Brennan by JenCat (58)
  • Winters Worst by Terri (62)

Issue 3

cover of issue #3, John Heebink

Mutant Sex 3 was published 2005 and has cover art by John Heebink. Cartoons by Jane Mailander.

  • The Right Turn after the Wrong Crossroads by JenCat--Related to episode "Crossroads of the Soul". After Brennan escapes from New Hope, the team is there to help him heal. (1)
  • Tired by JenCat--Season 3 fill in story, Jesse is exhausted from taking over for the missing Adam. PWP (37)
  • Frozen by Andromeda Valentine--Season three fill-in story: Emma is left shattered after the events of "Lest He Become" and Shal helps her get it back together. (40)
  • Menage a Quatre by Andromeda Valentine--Shal gets playful, Emma capitulates, and Jesse joins in the fun. PWP and Threesome. (74)
  • Amazing by JenCat--Brennan and Jesse go undercover as male prostitutes to catch a serial killer who has been preying on male hustlers. (78)
  • Heaven by JenCat--Brennan comes home after a long week to find some surprises waiting for him. PWP. (91)
  • What the Telempath Saw by Jane Mailander--Two women, two men, one bar and too much fun. [PWP]]. (97)
  • (Never) Broken Apart by JenCat--Brennan and Jesse are captured by Ashlocke, who has some horrible plans in mind for the two of them. Contains Non Con and H/C. (107)
  • art by John Heebink