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Title: Happy
Author(s): crysothemis
Length: 35,068 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
External Links: online at AO3

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Happy is a John/Rodney Stargate Atlantis story by crysothemis.

Author's notes: "For my cliche_bingo square, "Amnesia." Not mine. Many thanks to my betas: Dogeared, Tex, and WPAdmirer."

Reactions and Reviews


I thought this would be a good old amnesia fic like all the other amnesia fics out there. The author added a twist to it – not going to tell you what – but it makes it so much more exciting to read when you cannot really anticipate what is going to happen. The entire story is written from John’s point of view, a good choice, and I think crysothemis got a pretty good grip on his personality and thoughts. Also, there’s some really well-written sex scenes towards the end of the story, but they don’t overshadow it. Usually fics tend to slow down towards the end, because you know what happens and that everything’s well, but this one did not do that, there was interesting plot up until the last page. [1]


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