Flanking Maneuvers

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Title: Flanking Maneuvers
Publisher: Lindbergh's Legacy Press
Editor(s): Amedia
Date(s): 1997-2002
Medium: print
Fandom: Rat Patrol
Language: English
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Flanking Maneuvers is a slash Rat Patrol anthology. It is the first all-Rat Patrol slash zine. Art by Joey.

Issue 1

Flanking Maneuvers 1 The art is by Joey. It was published in March 1997 and contains 122 pages. Summaries are from the zine flyer.

cover of issue #1
another slightly different version of issue #1
inside page of issue #1
  • Editorial by Amedia 2
  • And Only Duty Remains by Debra Hicks 3
  • The Tully Gets Hitched Raid by Randi Leer 18 (The war is over, and Tully is enjoying a roll in the hay with his beautiful fiancee. . . or is he?)
  • Desert Fantasy by A. Jerry Becker 22 ( Alone in the desert, Dietrich finds his mind wandering to unexpected places. . . and an unexpected person.)
  • A Romp in the Sand by Siren 26 (Plot? What plot? Hitch and Tully have fun.)
  • Bloopers by Oopsa 26
  • Raids End in Lovers' Meetings by Anaktoria 27
  • The Truth Will Out Raid by Anaktoria 33
  • Raids Begin With Lovers' Partings by Anaktoria 43
  • The Supreme Sacrifice... by A. Jerry Becker 47 ( The Rat Patrol thought they'd traded Hitch for water--are they in for a surprise!)
  • Arena of Death by C. Jerry Ueberall 49 ( A chilling alternate version of the "Chain of Death Raid." Troy and Dietrich are forced to fight each other to survive.)
  • The Cave by M.A. Calhoon 73 (Troy and Dietrich explore natural crevices.)
  • The Public Schoolboys Raid by Randi Leer 78 (Hitch and Moffitt discover just how much they have in common.)
  • Another Little Secret by Debra Hicks 84 ( A scene you didn't see from "Trial by Fire.")
  • Unexpected Prison by Lee Giorgos 85 (Dietrich questions his motivation when he finds himself saving Troy's life once again.)
  • The Conduct Unbecoming Raid by Amedia 97 (Under interrogation, Moffitt reveals the real reason why the British Army was so eager to get rid of him.)
  • The Brandenberg Gate Raid by Elanta 101 (Not quite slash, but too much fun to resist! During a postwar mission in East Berlin, Dietrich and the Rats must hide out-- and blend in--at a seedy drag bar.)
  • The Cost of Duty by Debra Hicks 116

Also featuring two series full of angst, passion, and everyone's favorite Hauptmann:

  • Moffitt/Dietrich by Anaktoria:
    • Raids End In Lovers' Meetings - Ten years ago, as a summer exchange student at the University of Cairo, Hans Dietrich had an affair with the son of his archaeology professor. He never dreamed they'd meet again--on opposite sides of a war.
    • The Truth Will Out Raid - On a joint mission against a common enemy, Dietrich must reveal his past involvement with Moffitt to Troy.
    • Raids Begin With Lovers' Partings - Dietrich and Moffitt are drawn back together at an awkward time.
  • Troy/Dietrich by Debra Hicks:
    • And Only Duty Remains - To stay alive in a hostile Arab camp, Troy must act as Dietrich's slave. The situation leads Troy to an interesting discovery about Dietrich, and himself.
    • Cost Of Duty (set during the episode "Tug of War Raid") - Troy is to hang in the morning. Does he spend the night in a cold cell or with the man who has condemned him?

Issue 2

Flanking Maneuvers 2 was published in 1998 and contains 198 pages. The art is by Sherlock. See flyer.

  • Editorial by Amedia 2
  • True Knight's Duty by Debra Hicks 3 (Sequel to The Cost of Duty. Late in the war, Troy asks Dietrich's help for a dangerous undercover mission into SS Headquarters.)
  • War Without Hate Raid by Anaktoria 51 (Sequel to Raids End in Lovers' Meetings. Right after his brother's death isn't a good time for Moffitt to get captured by any German--let alone Dietrich.)
  • Between the Lines by C. Jerry Ueberall 58 (Sequel to Arena of Death. Someone knows about Troy's involvement with Dietrich. Someone who wants to destroy them.)
  • Bloopers by Oopsa 67
  • The Battle Within by C. Jerry Ueberall 68 (Troy and his men are sent on a mission without being told vital information--information that could get them all killed.)
  • Limericks by Amedia 91
  • Some Men Cannot Live in Prison by C.A. Rien 92 (Dietrich and Tully strike an unusual bargain when the Rat Patrol ends up in a prison camp.)
  • The Strip Skat Raid by A. Jerry Becker and C. Jerry Ueberall 115 (Troy, Dietrich, a deck of cards and several hours to kill. . . .)
  • Limerick by Amedia 127
  • United We Stand by The Wench 128 (This alternate version of "Chain of Death Raid" plunges Troy and Dietrich into a world of sex slavery where they must earn the right not to be separated.) (won a 1999 FanQ)
  • Christmas Eve by C. Jerry Ueberall 183 (Hitch, Tully, and Moffitt find Troy the perfect Christmas present.)
  • Duty Fulfilled by Debra Hicks 185 (Troy and Dietrich confront their feelings for each other after the war ends.)
  • Limerick by Amedia 182
  • Lightbulbs by Karen Paulli 198

Issue 3

Flanking Maneuvers 3 was published in March 2000 and contains 152 pages. See flyer.

  • Duty, Family and Other Inconveniences by Debra Hicks 3 (Troy takes Dietrich home to meet his family, with surprising repercussions.)
  • The Chance Encounter Raid by Elessar 17 (Troy and Dietrich meet in the last place either would expect to find the other.)
  • The One Last Chance Raid by Elessar 23 (The events of "The Boomerang Raid" (aired episode) leave Troy feeling manipulated--and betrayed.)
  • Know Thine Enemy by C.J. Ueberall 29 (Another in the Arena of Death series, and an alternate "Exhibit A Raid." Troy's enemy in Allied Command is finally revealed--when it's too late for Troy to save himself.)
  • Amidst the Ruins by C.J. Ueberall 45 (World War II has ended, but for Dietrich, the internal battle is only beginning.)
  • Family and Friends by C.J. Ueberall 53 (During a joyful postwar reunion, our heroes remember more difficult times.)
  • Tangled Webs by C.A. Rien 64 (Sequel to Some Men Cannot Live in Prison in FM2. Tully and Dietrich opt for a separate peace, and must find a way out of the war.)
  • The Roman Ruins Raid by Clio 73 (An unusual story told from the point of view of a young archaeology student in the 1980s, who gets more of an adventure than she bargained for when she attends Moffitt's study-abroad program in Italy.)
  • The Self Preservation Raid by Clio 103 (Prequel to the Roman Ruins Raid. Were the rumors about Professor Moffitt and his old Army buddy true? A postwar flashback may answer that question, and more.)
  • A Bum Rap by Lee 117
  • If You Were a German by C.J. Ueberall 122 (filk set to "If You Were a Woman")
  • Fulfillment of Duty by Debra Hicks 124 (Last in the Duty series. Who is the greater threat to Dietrich and Troy: an old enemy--or an old friend?)

Issue 4

Flanking Maneuvers 4 was published in 2002.

  • A Sandy Romp by Randi Leer 3 (Plot? You want plot? You might want to skip ahead. If you're looking for hot sex, though, you're in the right place.)
  • The Unforeseen Complication Raid by C.K. Taylor & J.B. Wolford 6 (Dietrich gets more than he bargained for when he impulsively rescues Moffitt from a sadistic Gestapo officer.)
  • The Price of Honor by Elessar 31 (What could possibly cause Troy to betray his lover, Dietrich?)
  • The Under the Crescent Moon Raid by Glacis 34 (Dietrich's actions in the Decoy Raid come back to haunt him in a startling way. A much shorter version once appeared online.)
  • The Hot Water Raid by Randi Leer 70 (Troy and Hitch enjoy a very steamy shower together.)
  • Death Before Dishonor by C.J. Ueberall 77 (Begins a new series of stories in which we learn some very unusual facts about Dietrich's background.)
  • Bloopers by Editors 101
  • The Enemy? by C.J. Ueberall 77
  • Ways and Means by C.A. Rien 103 (Revised and expanded version of a story first published in Playfellows 11. Captured on a mission in Europe, Troy finds himself alone with Dietrich, while the Rats, along with Garrison's Gorillas, employ some unorthodox methods to obtain information.)
  • The Arab Quarter Raid by Randi Leer 125 (Troy and Moffitt each seek separate solace for their loneliness.)
  • Desert Peach/Rat Patrol cartoon by Donna Barr 137