Doctor Julian Subatoi Bashir, This is Your Life!

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Title: Doctor Julian Subatoi Bashir, This is Your Life!
Editor(s): Kronette
Date(s): 1995-96
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Language: English
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Doctor Julian Subatoi Bashir, This is Your Life! is a mostly gen Star Trek: Deep Space Nine anthology focusing on Julian Bashir with two issues.

Given to the Actor

This was one of three zines personally given to the actor at the second Lunch with the Doctor. The editor gave Sid a copy of Palpitations, and he said that he would record some of the stories on tape.

Another fan gave him a copy of Doctor Julian Subatoi Bashir: This is Your Life. "Again, Sid said: "I presume I'll get at least a couple of these on tape. I don't know when that will be."

Finally, [L F] presented him with Through the Wormhole, showing him the Dax centerfold." [1]

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Maryann Jorgensen

Doctor Julian Subatoi Bashir, This is Your Life! 1 was published in 1995 and contains 131 pages. The cover is by Maryann Jorgensen, other art by Valerie Herd, Rick Buickel, and Patricia Thompson (oil painting).

  • Jenny by Marie Chettle--A 12 year old Julian has to watch after his little sister.
  • T'Ellanoth Prime by Valerie Herd--Cadet Bashir goes on vacation, only to get more than he bargained for.
  • Last Rites by Patrice L. Heyes--Graduation is approaching, and Cadet Bashir contemplates his past and future.
  • To Err is Human by Karen E. Weber--A visit from an old teacher sparks a story about a young Bashir on Vulcan.
  • No Time by Kronette--An accident leaves Bashir questioning his medical abilities.
  • Distant Choices by Pam Buickel--Bashir reflects on his Academy days after a close brush with death.
  • Almost by Linda A. Furey--Bashir gets an unexpected visit from Palis.
  • Voices by Brenda Antrim--The death of Vedek Bareil hits both Bashir and Kira hard.
  • Ghosts by Karen Colohan--A visit from Bashir's father disrupts his life on DS9.

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Doctor Julian Subatoi Bashir, This is Your Life Too was published in 1996 and contains 190 pages. Cover art is by Rick Buickel; interior art is by Janet D'Airo, Robert Bruce Lloyd, Sophie Massé, Valerie Herd, Maryann Jorgensen, Tiffany White, Janis Cortese, and Kronette.

From the submission request in Flight Log:
Dr. Julian Subatoi Bashir, This is Your Life Too is currently taking submissions. This is a themed zine, focusing on Bashir's life. Stories can be set in the past/ present/future, and focus on any part of his life. If you read the first one (and if you didn' t, why not!?), you know it was heavy in the 'father-angst' stories. This one is starting off on a much lighter vein. What I was attempting to do with this was map Bashir's entire life. Some ideas: the academy, his travels with his father, his medical career, winning the Carrington at age 115, marrying Dax/Kira/other. If you're not sure about a submission, send it or ask; you never know unless you try! The only hard and fast rule I have is that in the 'present time', Bashir must be (have been?) the CMO of DS9. Accepted: IBM compatible disk (saved as ASCII or text), e-mail to [address redacted] or double-spaced typewritten to [address redacted]. Stories less than 80 pages. If it's been posted on the internet, chances are good I've already seen it, and quite possibly liked it. If you want to submit it, wonderful! Just tell me where I can locate it. Soliciting artwork and any creative endeavor (poetry, filk, cartoons, dunno, submit it and see). Desperately seeking artists to illo stories!!
  • First Surgery by Kronette (5) (reprinted in Bashir... Julian Bashir)
  • Sigh No More by the Plaid Adder (slash story) (7)
  • Requiem by Carol Reeg (39)
  • The Child by Eva Seifert (45)
  • The Dancer by Terry Rillera (63)
  • Snowball's Chance by Karen E. Weber (69)
  • The Haunting by Valerie Herd (112)
  • Autumn Glory by Karen Colohan (gen in zine; online version is slash) (124)
  • The Next One by Jessica Marie Krucek (129)
  • The Wedding by Patricia Thompson (130)
  • Chance Encounter by Jessica Krucek (146)
  • Flashback by Brenda Antrim (152)


  1. from Multi-Species Medicine #20