Lunch with the Doctor

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Star Trek Convention
Name: Lunch with the Doctor
Dates: 1994-1996, perhaps more
Frequency: annual
Type: fan-run
Focus: Siddig El Fadil/Alexander Siddig
Organization: his fan club, The Doctor's Exchange, run by Joan Verba and Gayle Stever?
Founding Date:
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Lunch with the Doctor was a Star Trek: DS9 convention focusing on Alexander Siddig, the man who portrayed Dr. Julian Bashir.

Activities included an auction, lunch, an interview and questions/answers, an autograph session, raffles, and a chance to have one's photo taken with Siddig.


the "I Dig Sid" button
  • the first "Lunch with the Doctor" took place on September 11, 1994 in Phoenix, AZ

The information below is from Multi-Species Medicine #8:

  • the registration packet included a program book, a name badge, a supplementary page of information, a formal invitation to the luncheon, and a button that said, "I Dig Sid"
  • the bathtub in the eight-floor suite was filled with ice cubes and soft drinks: "Those who have been to science fiction conventions will find this familiar."
  • three rooms had videos
  • some fans went into Phoenix to look for action figures to buy
  • a fan named Scott H. was wandering around with a tape recorder and interviewing fans. "He told us he's doing a paper on fandom."
  • the luncheon centerpieces were an arrangement of dried flowers, each with a Bashir action figure in the middle
  • there was an auction, a question and answer session, a photography session, and some fans gave the actor some gifts
  • $2075 was raised for Amnesty International
  • this convention was video-taped


  • the second lunch was on September 3, 1995 and took place in Minneapolis, MN

The information below is from Multi-Species Medicine #20:

  • the program included thank yous to club members regarding various projects they'd worked on
  • a slide show was shown -- it was to the tune "When I Close My Eyes, I Can Still See Your Smile" by Gloria Estefan and showed "pictures of club members and DS9 actors in their best poses, smiling. The slide show was sponsored by Gayle, Michele, Amanda Hall, and Pam Buickel; Gayle and Amanda came up with the idea and Michele and Pam made the slides."
  • there as a luncheon, a charity auction (money was raised for Amnesty International, the club's chosen charity), and a raffle
  • there was a question and answer session in which Sid discussed his name change, the addition of Worf to the show
  • there was some good-natured teasing and hijinks regarding women's panties
  • a fan gave Sid a copy of Palpitations and he said that he would record some of the stories on tape. Another fan gave him a copy of Doctor Julian Subatoi Bashir: This is Your Life. "Again, Sid said, "I presume I'll get at least a couple of these on tape. I don't know when that will be." Finally, [L F] presented him with Through the Wormhole, showing him the Dax centerfold."
  • a fan presented the actor with a royal blue, hand-knit sweater and there were handmade Julian dolls used for centerpieces
  • there is a full report by Joan Marie Verba here



  • the fourth "Lunch with the Doctor" was in Phoenix, AZ on September 28, 1997