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Title: Palpitations!
Publisher: Rex Marks the Spot Publications
Editor(s): Shandra Docksey
Date(s): 1995
Medium: fanzine, print
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space 9
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Palpitations! is a gen 100-page anthology anthology focused on the character of Dr Julian Bashir.

  • Rule Of The Working Class (10 pages)
  • An Angel’s Whisper (4 pages)
  • The X (16 pages)
  • A Not-So-Simple Misunderstanding (12 pages)
  • Now Matter How Far (6 pages)
  • Missing Persons (12 pages)
  • Friends (4 pages)
  • Four Walls (29 pages)
  • The Cure (2 pages)

Given to the Actor

This was one of three zines personally given to the actor at the second Lunch with the Doctor. The editor gave Sid a copy of Palpitations, and he said that he would record some of the stories on tape. Another fan gave him a copy of Doctor Julian Subatoi Bashir: This is Your Life. "Again, Sid said, "I presume I'll get at least a couple of these on tape. I don't know when that will be." Finally, [L F] presented him with Through the Wormhole, showing him the Dax centerfold." [1]


  1. from Multi-Species Medicine #20