Chevron One Encoded

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Title: Chevron One Encoded
Publisher: Infinity Press (Red Rose Press handled the UK/European orders)
Date(s): August 2000
Medium: print
Fandom: Stargate: SG-1
Language: English
External Links: online here (offline, only front page archived here)
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cover by Gayle

Chevron One Encoded is a J/D slash Stargate SG-1 anthology. It was published in 2000 and contains 120 pages (85,000 words in a 120-page layout using Cheltenham Light 10.5/12.6.)

The cover art is by Gayle.

The Editorial

Well, it's finally here, thanks to the extraordinary efforts of some really great people. My deepest gratitude goes to each and every contributorto this anthology: they were more than patient with my scattershot approach to zine publishing. I think it goes without saying that without the readers, there would be little point to this endeavor, and so Chevron One Encoded is dedicated to Stargate slashfen everywhere.

Of course, I could never have pulled it off at all if it hadn't been for Arduinna Finn, the Proofreader of the Gods. Obviously, any errors that remain in the text are the fault of my own fumble-fingeredness and shouldn't reflect on either Arduinna or the authors.

I've tried to keep spellings and series-specific conventions consistent, but it's a difficult job with the interesting "diversity" that I've found in official sources. For those who are interested, the sources I used were the two official Stargate sites { and') and the text on the DVD case. In instances where the sources confliced, I made an executive decision.

Finally, though I dislike the trend towards mandatory fiction warnings, those who want them will find them at the back of the zine, printed upside down.



  • Spoons by Dovya Blacque (not online at author's request) (1)
  • Watching by Graculus (Duology II). Two sides of the same story, Jack POV. (13)
  • Multiplicity by Brenda Antrim. A routine mission takes a turn into bizarre territory when wormholes collide. (15)
  • Yea, and the Truth Shall Set You Free by Sidra M. S. Vitale (29)
  • A Simple Request by Jennifer Lyon (32)
  • Come the Dawn by Rowan (36)
  • Going Down by Claire (43)
  • The Catalyst by Katy Deery (49)
  • Protection by Graculus (Duology I). Two sides of the same story, Daniel POV. (80)
  • Starting to Heal by Lianne Burwell (82)
  • A Thousand Stars by Dorothy Marley. Daniel Jackson decides that it's time to stop beating around the bush, but, as usual, life around the SGC is hardly that simple. The story was nominated for "Best Story in a Zine" in the Stargate Fan Awards 2002. (87)
  • Warnings (120)

Sample Interior