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Name: thegrrrl2002
Alias(es): The Grrrl
Type: fan writer,
Fandoms: Hawaii Five-0, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1, Star Trek Enterprise, The Strachey Mysteries, Supernatural, Without a Trace, White Collar, NCIS
Other: The Grrrl's Site
URL: thegrrrl2002 (AO3)
thegrrrl2002 (LJ)
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thegrrrl2002 is a fan writer who has written fanfiction in Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Hawaii Five-0 and other fandoms.

She was Team Captain for the Home Team in the 2008 McShep Match.

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Her story First Contact won second place in the "Action" category of the 2005 McKay/Sheppard Fan Awards, We All Arrive by Different Streets won second place in the "Angst" category, Two Weeks (co-written with chelle) won first place in the "Episode Tag" category while Yes Yes, A Thousand Times Yes made second place in the same category and A Skewed Universe third place in the "Future" category. Into the Light was another first place, this time in the "Hurt/Comfort" category, and she came in second for "Author 2005". In 2006 the stories Still and Sex Things, both co-written with Mmmchelle, won second place respectively in the "Kink" and "PWP" categories. In 2007 Stellar won third place in the category "Canon AU" and Sex‚ Movies‚ and Misconceptions made second place in the category "First Time". The latter she also won in 2008 with An Inaccurate Telling, again co-written with Chelle.


Hawaii Five-0

  • Absolute Beginners - Written with lamardeuse. Steve wanted to make some kind of smart-ass comment, trying to decide between pointing out that hey, Danny actually liked it here in Hawaii, or ask if hell froze over, or maybe even something about seeing pigs fly this morning. But now Danny was right there in front of him, rising up out of the water with his broad shoulders and naked chest with water running down in rivulets and his board shorts, sagging low on his hips, obscenely low, low enough to take Steve's breath away and render him unable to speak. (Steve/Danny, 2011)
  • A Close Shave - The morning after the undercover op the night before. Written for h50_flashfic. (Steve/Danny, 2011)
  • Disrupted - Er, smut? (Steve/Danny, 2011)
  • Downshifting - Goofy guys in love. And sex. (Steve/Danny, 2011)
  • Found - Written for leupagus' Promptfest '11. "whenever they switch places driving the Camaro, Steve has to put the seat back and Danny has to bring it forward, and I'll bet you anything Steve's kind of an asshole about it and Danny's kind of, IDK, ragey about it. And somehow it results in them making out in the passenger seat of the Camaro". (Steve/Danny, 2011)
  • Gunfire, Rainfall and Beach Erosion - Steve and Danny are kidnapped. After which there is too much swimming and too much rain and it's all very romantic. If you are Steve, that is. (Steve/Danny, 2011)
  • Half Full - Coda for 2.01. Steve is hopeful. Danny, not so much. (Steve/Danny, 2011)
  • Heated - Steve is shouting now, because that's what Danny does to him when he gets like this, all prickly and disagreeable. (Steve/Danny, 2011)
  • Hiding in Plain Sight - Written for the kiss_bingo prompt: forehead. (Steve/Danny, 2010)
  • Moored - This is Steve's life now. (Steve/Danny, 2011)
  • Necessary to Life - Steve loves getting Danny all wound up. (Steve/Danny, 2011)
  • Not Yet Written - Someone from Danny's past is out to get him. (Steve/Danny, 2011)
  • Our Eyes Speak Up for Us - Written with delicatale. (Steve/Danny, 2011)
  • Pulling Down the Trees - Steve's compartments are spilling over into each other. (Steve/Danny, 2012)
  • Rule Number 43 - Coda to 2.09 "Ike Maka". Danny shows Steve his new place. (Steve/Danny, 2011)
  • Seducing - Written with delicatale. Danny seduces Steve and gets what he's been wanting in a while in return. (Steve/Danny, 2011)
  • A Special Kind of Crazy - "I'm never going to have sex again, am I?" Danny asks. (Steve/Danny, 2010)
  • A Sure Thing - "So it doesn't bother you that everyone thinks we're an item?" Danny asked. (Steve/Danny, 2011)

Stargate Atlantis

  • Credentials - It was a very nice planet. Plus a very nice party, with some interesting consequences. (John/Rodney, 2004)


Stargate SG-1