Between the Shadow and the Soul

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Title: Between the Shadow and the Soul
Author(s): The Grrrl
Date(s): July 2003
Length: 54kb (file size), 8,874 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
External Links: Between the Shadow and the Soul (The Grrrl's Site)

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Between the Shadow and the Soul is a Jack/Daniel story by The Grrrl.

Summary: Daniel, body paint, and an interesting ritual. Jack's world is rocked.

Reactions and Reviews

Daniel has to have his body painted by his team mates as part of a ceremony off-world. Then Daniel has to spill his seed in front of the people in the ceremony and he can't get it up - so he turns to Jack for help.

Finally I escaped. To my quiet, dusty house. Only I couldn't really escape Daniel, because I could still feel his skin on my fingertips, still feel his hard, heavy dick in my hands. Hard because I was touching him. Me. Jack O'Neill. And I had panicked, completely and utterly panicked.

I thought about all the time we had spent together. Quiet little moments off-world, watching him scribble in his journal, sharing a tent, sleeping together under strange skies. Or moments right here in this house, eating chinese take out. Me watching the food fly from his chopsticks as he talked and waved his hands, excitedly describing some damn alien culture or artifact or whatever. I loved him. And I wanted him. Wanted him so badly that sometimes it made me crazy. My frustration would get the better of me and I would get snappish and cranky at him, but he was never driven away by it. I used to wonder why he put up with me.

But now, now that I had made him gasp and shiver, made him utter my name with such yearning, with such love—now I knew. I had discovered what I didn't ever need to know.

VERY nicely done. I LOVE a take-charge, take no prisoners Daniel and a meek Jack who just goes with it. Whee! And Bottom!Jack <blissful sigh> [1]


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