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Title: DHD
Publisher: Light and Shadows Press
Date(s): 2002-2009
Medium: print
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Language: English
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DHD stands for Dial-Home Device, the device used in the Stargate universe to activate a Stargate. This Jack/Daniel slash Stargate SG-1 fanzine is named for that device.

The zine has full numbered issues, and also some half numbers.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Dark Knight
sample interior page

DHD 1 was published in April 2002, has 245 pages, and cover by Dark Knight (Gryphon?). It won the 2003 Huggy Award for Stargate: Best Zine (anthology), the 2002 Sizzler Award for Best Zine, Stargate SG-1, and the 2003 SCREWZ Award for Best Zine, Stargate SG-1.

The editorial is prefaced by a bit of fourth wall meta:

"Did you see it?"

"See what?" Jack O'Neil groused, looking around the clutered stack of papers, books and journals upon the archeologist's desk.

"The new one," Daniel explained with exasperation, moving straight to the third pile from the left, which looked a lot to Jack like the third pile to the right. and pinpointing what he wanted, snatching it up and handing it to Jack with a look that said how could you not have found that "The new Light & Shadow Press zine. It's US."

"You don't say?" the colonel responded casualy, flipping through the pages of the booklet titled 'DHD' that Daniel had thrust into his hands.

"They do slash zines, you know. Do you think it's slash?"

"What the hell is slash?"

Teal'c's deep voice resounded from the comer of the room where he had been standing, witnessing their exchange, "Slash is a genre of fan writing that places the protagonists in a same sex, extremely erotic relationship in order to demonstrate the hidden depths of their afection toward each other."

"So what you're saying is they get it on often!" Jack snickered.


"And this is about us?" That question was directed towards Daniel.

"Yes, Jack."

The wicked grin spread across the colonel's rugged features. "Then of course it's slash, Danny-boy. What kind of scientist are you to have to even ask that question?" Daniel yelped as his lover's hand found his rear and groped it possessively.

"Indeed," Teal'c agreed, one eyebrow raised as his teammates laughed before eagerly delving into the pages of their newfound treasure.

Summaries from the publisher:

  • In the Valley of the Shadow by Emrys (Jack's relieved, heartfelt embrace of Daniel as he utters the affectionate endearment "Space Monkey" is really only the beginning for this 'star'-crossed couple. Emrys unfolds a tale of new love discovered, weaving it through important events of the episodes "Where But for the Grace of God, Politics, Within the Serpent's Grasp & Serpent's Lair." Journey beneath the surface of those pivotal episodes to find what lies beneath for Jack and Daniel. A rich, full tale of love in all its heartache and impassioned glory.) (page 1)
  • The Price of Admission by Glow (What has Daniel gotten himself into? More importantly, why? His quest for answers leads to hysterically funny consequences . . . and scaldingly intimate revelations about his innermost secrets. Jack teaches Daniel a sizzlingly hot lesson about trust he won't ever forget. All it will cost him is the 'Price of Admission'. This is Gloria at her scintillating, erotic best as she captures Jack and Daniel so well, so truly, you won't ever want to put the story down. A not-to-be-missed first-time SG-1 story from this acclaimed author.) (page 117)
  • Communion by Tiger Tyger (Colonel Jack O'Neill and Dr. Daniel Jackson return through the Stargate from their mission to P3X-259 changed men. Will these changes prove to be for the better or will the struggle to adapt to what has happened between them destroy their lives? Tiger Tyger weaves an intricate tale of denial and acceptance as Jack and Daniel are confronted with their most hidden desires. Rich characterization, crisp dialog, searing emotion and heated passion highlight this enthralling story that will have you turning each page with baited breath.) (page 149)

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Gryphon

DHD 2 was published in November 2002 and is 256 pages long. Gryphon is the cover artist.

title page from issue #2
editorial page from issue #2

The editorial page has a Band-Aid stuck to it: "You may note that your zine comes complete with its own Band-Aid. WARNING, WARNING, Will Robinson -- heavy hurt/comfort zine ahead. You have been warned."

The editorial, once again, is a meta vignette, one where Jack and Daniel discuss this zine and come to the conclusion they like it because it describes lots of hot sex between them.

Summaries from the publisher:

  • Absolution by Tiger Tyger (In this sequel to the novella 'Communion' that appeared in DHD-1, Jack and Daniel are still adjusting to the overwhelming changes that have affected their lives since they became Communed as 'One'. A new threat soon beckons in the form of Amunophret, a mighty Goa'uld long thought dead by even his own kind. Amunophret becomes enthralled by Daniel and vows to have him for his own. Since the Communed bond will not allow Daniel and Jack to be separated without causing their deaths, the Goa'uld takes them both as prisoners and slaves, determinedly doing everything in his power to break the Communion and enslave the lovers forever. The ordeal they endure at Amnuophret's hands touches dark demons within them and threatens to shatter the connection between Jack and Daniel. Will their love be strong enough to save them? Tiger Tyger takes you on an emotional journey that will keep you riveted as you quickly turn each page to find out what happens next. This story has it all; intrigue, eroticism, intimacy, humor, and an enduring love between two men tested to its limits yet limitless in its power to fortify and to heal. A story not to be missed.) (1)
  • It All Comes Down To Trust by Emrys (In her latest Stargate story, Emrys not only fleshes out some of the events from the episode 'Legacy' but goes on to explore their aftermath. Both Jack and Daniel are profoundly affected by their exposure to the devices Ma'chello constructed in an effort to kill the Goa'uld, though each in different ways. Jack continues to have hallucinations and breaks with reality while Daniel becomes more withdrawn and distant. It soon becomes clear that the residual effects of their ordeal are only part of the problem. Ma'chello's machines may well prove the catalyst for a newfound awareness of feelings long harbored. Come follow Jack and Daniel as they explore the boundaries of their relationship in this emotionally charged, compelling and passionate story.) (54)
  • Closed Poker by Kath Moonshine ('Closed poker' is a form of poker in which all the cards are dealt face-down. For Colonel Jack O'Neill, this has become an accurate euphemism to describe his life now that he has discovered his deep feelings of love for his teammate. Each day he struggles to keep his game face in place and disguise the emotions he doesn't dare express. But a brush with unexpected danger on the way home from a night out with Daniel begins a turn of events that brings O'Neill in a proximity with his friend that is far too close for comfort. Will he be able to keep his feelings in check or will he have to lay his cards on the table? In her debut Stargate story, Kath Moonshine brings her writing talent to this fandom with incredible results. Her Jack sounds so in character and authentic that you'll find it hard to believe some of the lines weren't taken directly from the episodes themselves. You won't want to miss this sweet, funny, compelling and oh-so-steamy story.) (142)
  • That Which Remains by Glow (This story begins mere hours after the events of the episode 'Hathor' leave off. The threat wrought by the evil Goa'uld queen may not have been averted as completely as previously thought. In the hours, then days, that follow her invasion of the SGC, both Colonel O'Neill and Dr. Jackson must wrestle with hideous demons. The internal battles may prove more difficult to overcome than Hathor herself. Will they be able to help themselves and each other conquer the menace within before it costs them everything they have worked so hard for? Glow's remarkable story explores the emotional toll of violation and powerlessness while still managing to be tender, poignant, caring and a true testament to the power of love.) (2002 SIZZLER Award Winner - Best Story, Stargate SG-1) (177)

Issue 3

DHD 3 was published in May 2003 (debut at MediaWest) and has 144 pages. Gryphon is the cover artist.

cover of issue #3, Gryphon
interior page from issue #3

Part of the editorial is this bit of meta:

"I've studied countless cultures but never before have seen such insanity," Daniel Jackson commented as they witnessed the frenzy.

"I, too, am puzzled, DanielJackson," Teal'c agreed. "It must be some latent form of human insanity triggered by this thing they refer to as 'a con'."

The two members of SG-1 stared in disbelief at the horror tbe linguist had come to learn was nicknamed 'zine hell'. Dozens of women, haggard and crazed, obviously without sleep or showers for more tban three days, were hard at work creating zines for the MediaWest convention tbat started in — less than twelve hours.

"What's going on?" Jack queried, taking a big bite out of his apple as be surveyed tbe scene that had his teammates gaping.

"DanielJackson and I are trying to ascertain tbe logic in this yearly ritual. Many of these women appear to be on the verge of bleeding from their eye sockets and yet they continue to apply themselves to this task of zine preparation."

"Zine preparation!" O'Neil repeated, a wicked grin twisting bis features. "Those are the books that have all the really hot stories where we get to have sex in every manner imaginable, right?"

"I suppose you could define it that way," tbe archeologist responded, rolling his eyes.

Tossing his apple and slapping his bands together, the carnal colonel declared with salacious glee, "Bring it on!"

Summaries from the publisher:

  • Incommunicado by Emrys (Sequel to "Valley of the Shadows" in DHD-1) (Emrys picks up her tale during the episode "Fifth Race". Jack has been deteriorating quickly since the knowledge of the Ancients was downloaded into his brain. In order to save his life, he must step through a wormhole into a new dimension, one the SGC won't be able to track him to — one he may well not be able to return from. While Daniel stands vigil during the seemingly endless time Jack is gone, he both distracts and comforts himself with memories of their relationship and the hurdles they have faced so far. Will these recollections be enough to help Daniel cope with the very real prospect of being separated from his lover forever? Emrys weaves a story of deft emotional twists and turns, viewing Daniel's current pain through a lens that provides a broader picture of the intricacies and sacrifices that are the foundation of their relationship. The result is a story rife with emotion, longing, reflection and scalding passion.) (page 1)
  • Quid Pro Quo, Urgo by Kath Moonshine - 2003 SIZZLER Award Winner - Best Short Story, Stargate SG-1 (This delightful story takes place during the episode "Urgo" and poses the question: since all their other physical sensations and urges have been enhanced by Urgo’s implanted chip, what effect would it have on the libido of a horny colonel and his equally lusty linguist lover? Kath Moonshine answers this question with equal parts humor and heat that will keep readers squirming in their chairs through every scintillating page.) (page 47)
  • Mourning Song by Glow - 2003 SIZZLER Award Co-winner - Best Story, Stargate SG-1 (Glow has contributed a remarkable story which deals with the concepts of personal loss and suppressed grief. On what would have been Charlie O'Neill's birthday, Daniel joins Jack at the cemetery. Their approaches to the day prove to be contrasting, though not necessarily incompatible. In fact, as the day moves forward, the lovers find they have more in common in the area of loss than they've ever touched upon before. Is their love strong enough to guide them as they confront this bereavement and tormenting pain on a deeper level and strive to provide both comfort and emotional release to each other? Jack and Daniel begin a journey of personal growth, one that could ultimately entwine them more fully and proffer healing touches to the most injurious wounds. This is a courageous story, one that only Glow would be able to do justice to, and we are pleased to present it to you.) (page 59)
  • Tolerance by Tiger Tyger - 2003 SIZZLER Award Co-winner - Best Story, Stargate SG-1 (Part 3 of the ‘Communion’ series) (When Daniel's position in the SGC is threatened by a new political appointee, old history is dredged up to haunt him. Jack's temper is put on high simmer and threatens to blow as the linguist suffers denigration and besmirchment at the hands of the new head of archeological research, Benjamin Bartleby. As the lovers deal with this new thorn in their side, they also have to contend with the most recent threat by the Goa'uld as well as come to terms with the remaining emotional scars from the forced enslavement by Amunophret. Tiger Tyger balances these converging storylines with her usual intelligent style and intricate plotting, again emphasizing the ever increasing bond of 'Communion' between Jack and Daniel. The lovers lean heavily upon their connection, also calling upon humor, compassion and unwavering trust in each other to meet these new challenges. Enjoy another story of passion and personal growth weaved around the very realistic dealings of the SGC by this seasoned author.) (97)

Issue 4

cover of issue #4

DHD 4 was published in May 2004 and has 190 pages (87,500 words).

sample page from issue #4

From the editorial: "Well, this zine was very nearly written on time for ConneXions in April. Not on deadline, mind you — we never seem to manage that, but we do try to get finished writing before the con. However, real life appeared to conspire against us in many trying and troublesome ..." forms:

Some meta fic from the editorial:

"Daniel, what are you doing? Using my dining table for a bed?"

The anthropologist blushed from his position, legs akimbo, torso draped across the dining room table and quickly sat up. "Well...

Jack O'Neil leaned his hip against the edge and looked at his lover, his arms crossed against his chest, sable eyes questioning. "Well, what?" Then Jack suddenly straightened and glared at the scientist. "You didn't!" he accused.

"I didn't!" Daniel replied, utterly uncertain of what he was denying, but doing it anyway. "You did so," Jack accused. "You're practicing sexual positions for those women."

It was useless to lie; he was caught. He hung his head until Jack continued, growling, "Without me! What were you thinking?"

Jackson smiled. "I'm thinking about getting laid."

"Well, they'll never get it right if we don't show them." The colonel pushed him back and climbed on top of him. "And if I'm going to read it, I want to see it done properly."

"Ya think?"

Sprawling across his lover. Jack's lips curled in a wicked smile. "Hey, this dining room table idea isn't half bad. What will they think of next? An elevator?"

Come and find out (wink, wink). Welcome to DHD 4!

Summaries from the publisher:

  • Break a Leg by Kath Moonshine (Recouping from the injuries he sustained during the "Solitudes" episode, Jack O'Neill is hurting, grumpy and in no mood for a forced furlough on Christmas Eve. To make matters worse, the lone volunteer for the position of caretaker to the cantankerous colonel is a certain sexy archeologist whose close proximity may well land Jack on Santa's 'Naughty' list. The emotions of the holiday combined with the intimate confines of a shared living space give Jack plenty to fret about in this second story in the "Closed Poker" universe. Once again, Kath Moonshine delineates O'Neill's struggle with his tortured heart and less than professional attraction to Daniel. This story is wittily told in both Jack and Daniel's own words, riveting the reader from the first paragraph to the final 'click' of the colonel's recording device. Humor, passion and heart-tugging emotion abound in this well crafted tale that you won't want to miss.) (page 1) 2005 Huggy Award Winner - Stargate SG-1: Best Zine Story, 2004 SIZZLER Award Winner - Best Story, Stargate SG-1, 2005 SCREWZ Award Winner - Stargate SG-1: Best Story
  • Chicago Interlude by Emrys (A blizzard strands Jack and Daniel in an airport hotel and the snow-bound lovers make the best of it. In this sizzling tale by Emrys, O'Neill and Jackson reunite after a prolonged separation in a manner that could surely melt a glacier, let alone the mounds of snow that surround their winter wonderland. So put down your hot chocolate, rip off your sweater and crack a window. The iciest artic breeze won't be able to chill your bones as you delve into this steamy story. Be careful your glasses don't fog up while you're reading.) (page 48)
  • A Familiar Madness by Tiger Tyger (Jack has legitimate concerns for Daniel when his partner decides to attend an archeology seminar populated by the very people who in the past disparaged his work and made him a laughing stock in the academic community. While Daniel grapples to reconcile his past with his present identity, O'Neill grows increasingly frustrated by their separation and his worry for his lover. What will the colonel do? Jack proves himself a man of action in this sexy, loving story from the prolific fingers of award-winning author Tiger Tyger. This story reflects her trademark prowess at characterization, plot and passion. So get your ticket to the archeology seminar now so you don't miss a single moment.) (page 65) 2005 SCREWZ Award Winner - Stargate SG-1: Best Novella
  • Box Step by Glow (Daniel finds himself in the last place he ever expected to be...attending Sara's wedding with Jack. The pending nuptials send the emotionally repressed colonel into a tailspin, but it's the turmoil in their own budding relationship that Daniel's not sure he can manage. Jackson's forced to confront both his own commitment issues and his role in the co-dependent dance he's been sharing with his partner. This story is both a painful, poignant look at the delicate balance needed to maintain a strong relationship and a touching, romantic affirmation of the strength of love and loyalty.) (page 100)

Issue 5

DHD 5 was published in April 2005 (debut at ConneXions) and has 269 pages. Gryphon is the cover artist.

cover of issue #5, Gryphon

Summaries from the publisher:

  • Not Your Typical Vacation by Tiger Tyger (With a stern recommendation from Doctor Fraiser, General Hammond enforces a six week leave for the beleaguered SG-1 team. Jack and Daniel put the time off to good use, embarking upon a steamy trip to Palm Springs. Ensconced in their own private villa, the lovers get reacquainted in an intimate manner their busy lives and demanding careers rarely leave time for. Tiger Tyger has penned a spicy, blistering story that's also humorous and loving. So mark a date in your Day Planner and spend some time with the carnal colonel and his amorous archeologist.) (page 1)
  • Choice Under Fire by Emrys (Cut off from the rest of the team, stranded on an unknown planet whose DHD has been damaged in a firefight, Jack and Daniel are forced to rely upon a group of orphaned alien children for survival. While unraveling the mysteries of the Raayoaf civilization, O'Neill and Jackson must also confront the dangers of their new environment. Daniel struggles to hold things together after his lover succumbs to a debilitating poison, fighting to protect the children and his colonel from the Goa'uld threat, something that becomes all the more difficult when O'Neill's fever leaves him in an altered—and dangerous—state. Emrys has crafted a taut, gripping adventure that you won't want to miss.) (page 21)
  • Why I'll Never Make the Cover of Road Dork Monthly by Glow (A cocky wager in the midst of a lusty lovemaking session has deeper repercussions than O'Neill could imagine. It is said that "road trips make memories"—which is certainly the case for Jack and Daniel. Seven months after the weighty issues the lovers faced in the prequel Boxstep, O'Neill and Jackson come to realize they've only touched the tip of their emotional surface. A return trip to Aspen becomes more than the intended passionate rendezvous they expected. This is a journey not only of miles, but of hearts and minds. Through humor, reflection, honesty, and revealing communication, Jack and Daniel manage to traverse some of the unexplored terrain each harbors within—all the while enjoying a helluva fun romp through Colorado.) (page 76) 2005 Huggy Award Winner - Stargate SG-1: Best Novel
  • Fire and Ice by Kath Moonshine (The third story in the compelling Closed Poker universe takes place after the events of the episode Forever In a Day. As Daniel mourns the loss of his wife, O'Neill laments the impending demise of the relationship that's saved both his sanity and his soul. Despite the love they both hold in their hearts, the barriers between them appear insurmountable. Can O'Neill and Jackson work through their personal demons and acknowledge the potent bond between them before a life-threatening danger separates them for good? Kath Moonshine once again exhibits her mastery of the writing craft along with a deft understanding of the inner workings of these characters through her poignant first-person narratives. You'll not only read about Jack and Daniel -- you'll live every painstaking moment alongside them. This is a story to be felt and experienced; a moving, human tale of the tragedy and triumph of love -- one that will linger within you long after you've closed the zine.) (page 191)

Issue 5.5

cover of issue #5.5
sample page from #5.5, shows the creative spelling of the first fic

DHD 5.5 was published in November 2005 (debut at EclectiCon) and has 102 pages. It partially reprints material from multimedia zines. Gryphon is the front cover artist.

From the editorial:

The difference between what you hold in your hand now and what you usually pick up from us is that several of the stories in this volume have been published elsewhere.... just not in a volume of DHD. Many fans don't buy multi-media zines, so they miss out on little Stargate stories that are floating out there in the universe. We've gone out and retrieved those stories for you, packaging them in one place. These stories were all written by members of the DHD writing team you know and love. We've also thrown in a few tidbits: some never-before-published short stories for your bonus enjoyment.

So, if you've purchased zines like La Chair and Bound & Determined, you will mostly likely discover you've read some of these stories before. But if not -- or if you're a completist and have to have EVERYTHING -- then 5.5 is for you!

Summaries from the publisher:

  • Chaising the Stars by Emrys (originally published in La Chair) (page 1)
  • In Command by Tiger Tyger (Colonel Jack O'Neill is faced with a tough situation-there's a member of his team that has a little problem with authority. Too bad the guy also happens to be his lover. Ever wonder how you'd mix love and discipline? Tiger Tyger's smoking hot tale will take you by the throat and show you!) (originally published in Bound & Determined) (republished separately later: In Command) (page 16)
  • Those Damned Leather Gloves by Emrys (Jack has laid down the ground rules in his love relationship with Daniel: no sex when they're off-world on a mission. Imagine Daniel's surprise one night when Jack awakens him with a hand covering Daniel's mouth, and a wicked grin on his face. Emrys leads the reader on a hot, sexy romp that Daniel is hard-pressed to suffer silently!) (originally published in Bound & Determined) (republished separately later: Those Damned Leather Gloves) (original to this zine) (page 46)
  • Saved by Those Damned Leather Gloves by Emrys & Glow (2006 FanQ Winner - Stargate SG-1: Slash Story) (page 61)
  • Kum-quat by Tiger Tyger (original to this zine) (page 89)

Issue 6

cover of issue #6
sample page from issue #6

DHD 6 was published in May 2008 and has 136 pages.

From the meta fic editorial:

"Hey, Daniel!"


"Where's the latest copy of DHD! I want to see what those wacky women are writing about us now."

I yelled back from the kitchen. "We don't have it yet; it's not quite finished. They'll have it ready in May of 2008."

"May! I've waited two years and now I have to wait until May!"

I sighed and tossed a dishtowel in his general direction. "Oh, come on. Jack, cut them a break. They have lives, kids, bachelor's programs, master's programs, old folks, moving, home reconstruction, and three new puppies to deal with, too, you know. And other fandoms. We aren't the only men they write about."

"We aren't?" He sounded offended. Maybe even jealous.

"Not by a long shot," Daniel chuckled. "We're in the same boat as Aragorn and Boromir, Captain Jack Sparrow and Will Turner, somebody called J.D. and Drew, and then there's always Kirk and Spock, the Winchesters, and Starsky and Hutch."

"That must be one hell of a boat. Surprised it doesn't capsize."

They're busy women. Jack, and we aren't their only love afair."

Summaries from the publisher:

  • Doctor and Colonel Smith by Glow (After maintaining a sensual yet stormy relationship for three years, Jack and Daniel suddenly find themselves in the running for most complicated patients in couples' therapy. What brought them there? Glow does a remarkable job of teasing out the mitigating factors while reminding us why these two disparate men wound up together in the first place. The necessity of hiding their SGC identities while at the same time trying to learn to communicate honestly makes therapy a complex endeavor indeed. This story is witty, emotional, cathartic and sensual at the same time. You'll want to have a seat on the couch right alongside them as Jack and Daniel explore their innermost selves.) (page 1)
  • Control Issues by Emrys (An off-world mission ends tragically, taking the lives of too many SG-7 members. Afterwards, Daniel must come to terms with crushing guilt, his grief, and worse, his relief that none of the dead were members of SG-1. At the same time, he has to deal with his desire for Jack O'Neill, a passion he is certain is not reciprocated. And then, during the immediate pain and anguish of the mission gone wrong, Jack's inability to hide his own feelings changes the playing field. Emrys writes an interesting and involved story of pain, desperation, and redemption.) (page 31)
  • No Greater Sorrow by Glow and Tiger Tyger (Jack is taken captive by an old Goa'uld nemesis who wants to gather the remains of the information that the Ancients left inside his mind. Under the control of an insidious device, O'Neill believes he is living the life he has always wanted, with the person he most desires by his side. When he is brought back to reality, he is furious, hurt, and decidedly confused. Years in the other world had taken place, while only a few days have passed on Earth. Jack must come to terms with what has happened, and learn to relate to Daniel all over again. But how do you go back to reality when you can't shake the dream? And what will happen if Daniel ever finds out the truth? This collaboration between Glow and Tiger Tyger has brought out the best in both authors, and the story is beautifully crafted as well as having a deep, driving emotional culmination that will satisfy all readers.) (page 59)

Issue 6.5

cover of issue #6.5 by Suzan Lovett. Title: Indiscretion [1]

DHD 6.5 was published May 2009 (debut at MediaWest) and has 133 pages. It contains the novella Good Soldier by Kath Moonshine. The cover is by Suzan Lovett.

  • Literally working their way through both fire and ice, Jack and Daniel have finally played their cards right and they are firmly together in this established-relationship story set in the fourth installment of the "Closed Poker" Universe in this intriguing novel by Kath Moonshine, with a gorgeous color cover by Suzan Lovett. But happily-ever-afters are not the norm for guys who leap into wormholes to fight intergalactic space-snakes, as we see when Jack, Daniel and the rest of SG-1 travel to Nirvana, a planet that belies its tranquil name when it presents Jack with a difficult and complex sexual situation. Will Jack lose Daniel to the call of the Sacred Chamber -- or even worse, to someone younger and a hell of a lot easier to get along with?


  1. ^ was for sale here at Partnersrmore