In Command

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Title: In Command
Publisher: MoonGlow Zine Productions
Author(s): Tiger Tyger
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): around 2010?
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Language: English
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In Command is a 25-page Stargate SG-1 Jack/Daniel novel by Tiger Tyger. It is an established relationship story which includes B&D.

This story was originally published in DHD #5.5.

Summary from the Publisher

"Colonel Jack O'Neill is faced with a tough situation-there's a member of his team that has a little problem with authority. Too bad the guy also happens to be his lover....Ever wonder how you'd mix love and discipline? Tiger Tyger's smoking hot tale will take you by the throat and show you!"


"What's the matter, Jack? The fact that I don't obey your every little command bother you? That you can't control me?" O'Neill smiled and moved closer, until his lips were inches away from Daniel's. "I control you in all the ways that matter, Danny-boy."