La Chair

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Title: La Chair (aka "Domestic Interiors")
Publisher: Twin Vixens Press
Editor(s): Kath Moonshine
Date(s): 2003
Medium: print fanzine
Fandom: multi-fandom
Language: English
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cover by Agent Spooky
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La Chair (subtitle on cover, "Passion and Romance Consummated in a Chair") is a 194-page multifandom, slash anthology. The interior art is by Sian.

It won the 2005 Huggy Award for Mixed Media: Best Zine.


"It all began with a piece of furniture. We'll show you how it ends."

From the Introduction

French is often called the language of lovers — and how can this be doubted when we have such delightful double entendres as "La Chair" translating, in English, to mean "the flesh" to remind us? About a year ago a bunch of fan women gathered to discuss their fan stories. A question came up that certainly heated our conversation: Was there a sexual position that we hadn't read about in fan fiction? Of course, this question immediately gave way to parameters, lest we waste even more of our lives discussing the validity of including zero-gee sex and other futuristic escapades. In the end, we narrowed our téte-a-tete to a specific and simple topic; what could two guys get up to in a chair? Various position were demonstrated by the more flexible (and less bashful) members of our group and a good time was had by all. Once we’d finished laughing our way to better abs, Writestuff said, wiping a tear of mirth from her eye, "I’ll write a chair story if someone will publish it. " To which I answered, "Write it, and a publisher will come.

Here in your hand is a collection of steamy, hot, loving slash stories from a variety of fandoms. Each author is a fannish award winner, many of them multiple times over. Each story has been edited for character and content as well as all the other stuff you’ve come to expect from Two Vixens Press. Not so surprisingly, since each author wrote in a fandom she feels passionate about, these stories represent the cream of fannish ability and devotion- passion for the characters has led to passion for the labor of love you hold in your hands. Adding to the pleasure of each story is lovely frontispiece art by the talented Sian and an equally handsome cover by Agent Spooky.

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