A Quiet Victory

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Title: A Quiet Victory
Author(s): Biblio
Genre: slash
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
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A Quiet Victory is a Stargate SG-1 Jack/Daniel story by Biblio.

Reactions and Reviews

What to say about this story. Honestly, this one is hard for me. It is so damn good that it actually shocked me speechless. I want to say so much about it that I'm not sure what to say. In my reading of Stargate slash I've come across far to many case of writers feminizing Daniel. Biblio never really does that. On the surface it can almost seem that way, but Daniel is always strong in her stories. Always brave, always intelligent and always a grown-up. Something I greatly respect. Jack doesn't treat him as if he's a child, but he does treat him with respect and love. Also, there is always a fair amount of humor involved. Biblio has a wonderful sense of humor that she always lends to Jack and Daniel. The show always has that edge to it, or tries for it on occasion, Biblio never forgets that. In this story neither man is feminized. Both are just so much...*guys*. Selfish in bed, without forgetting about their partners needs. No suddenly gay stuff, both have been with men before or had attractions to other men over the years. Both have realized that they have been flirting like crazy over the years, know they are attracted to one another. A Quiet Victory so sums up how they come together. It's not some big explosive coupling with tons of angst. It's quiet, expected. Like something inevitable finally coming to pass. Something they've been wanting for and longing finally happening. I love that. I love this story. I walked away from reading it wanting to turn right around and read it all over again. It's just so damn good. I'll close on that note.[1]


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