JD Divas (Stargate SG-1 zine)

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Title: JD Divas
Publisher: Yadda Press
Medium: print, CD
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Language: English
External Links: Yadda Press Preview Page JD Divas 1 Zine: flyer, Archived version
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cover by Biblio

JD Divas is a 204-page slash anthology. Color cover by Biblio. Most stories by PhoenixE with one long story by Biblio. The zine was the idea of the the JD Divas fan writer collective.

From the Flyer

About the zine: Single column 12 point Book Antiqua font. 204 pages, 69,236 words, 31 full colour illustrations. Cover by Biblio.

Accompanied by 12 Jack/Daniel "Early Days" desktops plus the five story illustrations. Presented in Word, Rich Text and PDF formats, with an additional dual-column, compact font economical print version.

Welcome to the first volume of JD Divas. When zine started out I was originally going to do all the writing and for the most part I have, but then Biblio kindly contributed one of her stories as an added bonus, (good thing for you, too, because at the rate I was writing you probably wouldn't have seen this baby until around Christmas, otherwise) as well volunteering to do the cover and the incredible title graphics for each tale. So, we had the makings of a zine, which made me happy, but it was lacking a title. Did you know trying to come up with a title for a zine is oftentimes more difficult than writing the gosh-darned thing? Well, trust me, it is!

So I wracked what was left with my brains, went back to our roots and came up with a title, and also a concept for what I hope will be a series of future zines showcasing the efforts and talents of not just the original instigators of JD Divas, (the website by the same name you may or may not be familiar with, tee hee) – and that would be Biblio and yours truly - but also some of the other writers who've come to join us at Divas over the years, if they are interested in playing too. I don't know, we'll have to see, but at any rate, Volume 1 is a reality and this is it.

As I said previously, this time around the stories are mostly written by me. Sorry, but that's the way it is. Biblio has contributed a substantial and very enjoyable tale as a much-appreciated bonus. You'll find it after all the junk I've written, and I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do. However, in Volume 2 we'll turn the tables. Biblio will be the featured writer, with the zine consisting of almost all her stories and I'll be the one making the cameo appearance.

So, look for Volume 2 sometime in the fall and in the interim, enjoy the one you're about to read. I had a very interesting time writing it and I hope you'll like it too![1]

Links to Story Illos


From a distributor, Lionheart Distribution:

  • “Good Intentions” After ten days off-world, Daniel is looking forward to the reunion. He’s due for a hot time, or so he thinks.
  • “Homecoming” After being missing for six months, Daniel has been found, but was Jack responsible for driving Daniel away?
  • “Absolutes” Convinced he’s done terrible things to warrant his ‘decension,’ Daniel confides to Jack that he is afraid to recover his memory.
  • “Epilogue” Jack awakens in an off-world hospital, alone and up to his neck in intrigue.
  • “Signs and Wonders” by Biblio. Love. For Jack and Daniel it’s a contradictory and unexplainable. Damned if they know what to do with it.


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