Accidents and Understanding

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Title: Accidents and Understanding
Author(s): Biblio
Genre: slash
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
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Accidents and Understanding is a Stargate SG-1 Jack/Daniel story by Biblio.

Reactions and Reviews

Yes, another rec for a story by Biblio. Oh, shut up. I love her work.<g> First off, I want to send out a thanks to Biblio for releasing this story when she did. A few days after the terrorist attacks here in the US a person on one of the Stargate lists posted a request for fics to help take their mind off things for a little while. Biblio said she had a story that was ready to post, but had decided to hold off due to all that was happening in the US. She told the person she'd send it to them privately if they would like. Then someone else asked if she would send it to them as well. She posted an offer to send it privately to anyone who would like it. Well, this started a whole slew of people who just couldn't stand watching the news any longer and needed something to divert them asking for her for the fic. So many that she just decided to post it to her website at the request of all the list sibs. I, by the way, was one of those who requested the story. After 2 days of being glued to the news I just couldn't take much more emotionally. This fic provided me several days worth of comfort and a respite from all the horror going on here in the US. I am so grateful to Biblio for this fic, it was a wonderful long read that offered me a safe place to go for an hour of so when I just couldn't take the news one more minute. It seemed like I was glued to the set for days on end, like most in the US were, but every now and then I just had to get away. This is a great fic with a rather in touch with his desires and feelings Jack, coupled with a clueless Daniel. It has a wonderful little twist that you don't really see coming until it's upon you. It happens when they are on a parallel Earth. I kept wondering about when Jack had taken Danny fishing. You'll realize what I'm talking about when you find it. It's a great long read, that really takes it's time with getting the boys together and both of them realizing just how in love they are. I really loved this one. Gotta say Thanks to Biblio one more time. She may never really know how much having something to keep my mind off things for a little while truly helped. Thank you.[1]


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