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Name: William Gibson
Also Known As:
Occupation: Author
Medium: television, movie, comics
Works: Neuromancer, The Peripheral
Official Website(s): williamgibsonbooks.com/
Fan Website(s):
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William Ford Gibson (born March 17, 1948 in Conway, South Carolina, USA) is a science fiction author. Gibson currently resides in Vancouver, Canada.

William Gibson is considered one of the most influential science fiction authors of our time. His breakthrough came in 1985 with his novel Neuromancer, which anticipated global networking. Gibson is a typical representative of cyberpunk, a genre in science fiction literature of the 1980s. The term cyberspace was first used by Gibson.

His works have influenced works like The Matrix, Ghost in the Shell, the Tabletop RPG game Cyberpunk and others.


His novels New Rose Hotel, Johnny Mmenomic were adapted into movies, where The Peripheral was adapted into a TV-series. His unproduced script for Alien 3 was adapted into a 5-part comic book as well as an audio play.

Fannish Engagement

Gibson is a self-proclaimed X-Phile. He co-wrote 2 scripts with Tom Maddox for the show and appaered in the TV special for the first movie, Fight the Future.


Gibson attended as the Literary Guest of Honor at the 1995 Constantinople Convention in Melbourne, Australia.

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