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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Adventures in the Slash Dimension
Author: Ruth Devero
Dates: 2000-today
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager, Due South
URL: 2000-2003:


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"The Slash Readers", from the Adventures in the Slash Dimension website.

Adventures in the Slash Dimension is Ruth Devero's slash site. It features her Chakotay/Paris and Fraser/Vecchio fanfiction, including two Due South crossovers with ER and Batman. The gen version of her page is called Adventures in the Screen Dimension and features a Battlestar Galactica story, a Waterworld story, a Due South story, and SG-1 wallpaper.

The original Geocities version of her slash page was a member of the Chakotay/Paris Slash Ring and the Fraser/Vecchio Webring.[1]

Due South Slash

  • The "poker night" series. Ruth Devero's first slash stories.
    • Little Mr. Marker: a PWP written in 1996 and printed in Due Frisky 1. Two men, one game of strip poker, and nothing more to bet with. The classic set-up.[2] (18 kb)
    • Thief of Hearts: a PWP written a couple weeks later and printed in Due Frisky 1. The next night: same two men, new game of poker, and still nothing to bet with. But some rules seem to be -- changing. (29 kb)
    • The Fire This Time: printed in Due Frisky 4. The rest of that week: Fraser and Ray aren't the only ones on fire. An arsonist is torching the low-rent section of Chicago; and is it possible that every nut in Chicagoland wants to tell Ray Vecchio their plans for the turn of the millennium? (169 kb)
  • Redux: printed in 1997 as a stand-alone novel. It's October, but only the weather's cooling off. Someone is setting up Ray, but can Fraser save him? And can their relationship survive the wrath of Ma Vecchio? (365 kb)
  • Crossed Paths: printed in 1999 in Once, Twice, Three Times a Frisky (Almost Foolproof Press). A Due South/E.R. crossover featuring Ray Vecchio/Doug Ross.
  • Batman and -- Oh, Never Mind: a Due South/Batman PWP companion to "Crossing Paths". A Chicago cop. The Dark Knight. A chance meeting and a little identity crisis.

Star Trek Voyager Slash

Cha Club's Award.jpg
  • Parallel Lines: Sometimes what makes the difference is a word. (140 kb)
  • Perfect Knowledge: After Paris accepts the wrong gift, Chakotay must rescue him from a premature burial. All he has to do is claim him.... (170 kb)
  • Tactical Maneuvers: Two guys, one shuttle, a road trip through a crumbling empire: what could happen? (WIP)
  • First Contact: When an away mission goes wrong, Paris and Chakotay wind up in the middle of a slave culture -- and only one can be the master. A classic Trek theme. (180 kb) The story got "The Cha_Club's Special Award" in October 2000.
From the author's notes: "Ah, yes, the never-ending slash story. It was supposed to be finished in October, 1999. Then in November, 1999. Then it was supposed to be done in December, 1999. Or, was it mid-January, 2000? What was supposed to be a nice, short first-time story set in a slave culture (is there any Trek writer who doesn't write one of these?) turned into a nice, long first-time novella set in a slave culture. Well, there's just that much more room for the sex. (...) And, oh, my goodness, it turned out to be a hurt/comfort story! I love a good slave story just as much as anyone. But I wanted to do something different with it. All too often, the two characters fall instantly into their roles and really enjoy themselves. That doesn't happen here. After all, these two guys are the essence of independence: neither is going to enjoy being the slave that much. Nor should he."[3]
  • Random Acts: a PWP. A brothel, a prostitute, a customer. What more does anybody really need? (Sex-on-the-holodeck story[3])
  • Collateral Damage: a slash story with no sex. Paris is captured by aliens from hell, but it's his relationship with Chakotay that might not survive.
From the author's notes: "The first slash story I've ever written with no graphically detailed sex in it. Not even a kiss. I was astonished to realize that at heart it's a "get Paris" story; I hate "get" stories! But this one's mine. I was fascinated by what would happen if the aliens-from-hell showed up at a fragile point in the relationship: just before either has actually declared himself. And what would happen if Chakotay tried to help Paris -- by doing his duty?"[3]
  • Ghost Light: Chakotay and Paris haven't even thought about having a romance ... but someone has.
  • Chain Reaction: Two guys in a rut, some handcuffs, and entirely the wrong kind of tea.


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