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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Maisie's Voyager Fiction
Author: Maisie Rita
Dates: 05 December 1998 or before - 12 October 2004 (last update)
Fandom: Star Trek Voyager
URL: (Wayback link) (2000 - 2004) (1999, Wayback link)
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Maisie's Voyager Fiction was Maisie Rita's Star Trek Voyager fanfiction page.

Description from Dances with Redshoes:
Maisie writes like a dream, and makes me jealous as heck, and if you haven't read her stuff yet, why not? Be sure to read Enmity Mine and Closing In, two of my all-time favorites. And if you like C/P slash, don't miss the Sweet Dreams series.[1]
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C/P Stories 'n Series

Sweet Dreams ("A light C/P romance, in many parts. My first slash! Quite lengthy. This link takes you to the table of contents. Rated NC-17.")

Leola Root Latkes? ("A silly little interlude in the Sweet Dream series. So silly I'm not even putting it on the Sweet Dreams home page! Inspired by a random comment on CPSG. Tom makes potato pancakes late one night. Rated PG, barely. Posted December 1998.")

Hooman-what? ("Another silly interlude in the Sweet Dreams series. Chak learns about Purim. Rated R. Posted to CPSG March 2000.")

Tipping the Scales ("Silly C/P fluff! Lots of fun, I promise. Originally posted to CPSG 9/97.")

One Night and One Morning ("C/P, medium length. Very sad. Someone sorta dies but not really. Get out your cyber-hankies before reading it. Rated NC-17. Originally posted to CPSG May 1998").

Never ("A coda to the episode "Drive". Sort of C/P, mentions P/T. Only rated PG. Short and rather sad. Posted to CPSG October 2000").

My Chakotay (I really wanted to call it the "Twisted" series, because that's what everyone says when they read it, but I think the official title of the series, as well as the first story, is "My Chakotay". Inspired by many of the other twisted stories that have appeared on the CPSG. 16 parts. This link takes you to the table of contents.) [[ I Watched]] (Early Voyager Tom-angst from Ayala's POV. NC-17/Hard R. Violence, physical and emotional angst. Vaguely C/Pish, meaning you can feel free to read what you want into it. Posted to CPSG late 2001, slightly revised upon posting here January 2002).

The Paris Plan (Challenge fic. Short. Rated R for implied situations, but nothing explicit. Posted February 2004).

A Question of Perspective (A muse-inspired fic. Two parts. Rated R or NC-17 because I can't decide. A comment from Chakotay sends Tom on a late night visit. Some angst, natch. Posted March 2004).

CPSG Anniversary Stories

Stories written especially to celebrate the anniversary of the Chakotay/Paris Writers' Support Group.

1998 Stories Untitled (Well, of course it's C/P! My offering to the CPSG anniversary fest, celebrating one year of CPSG zaniness! NC-17, short. Tom reminds Chak what day it is. Originally posted to CPSG July 1998.)

1999 Stories Champagne Moments (A remembrance of an anniversary past. PG-13 for implied situations.) Roadways Series (An AU where homosexuality is not accepted by the Federation. No sex. Lots of angst. Rated R for language only. The first 4 stories were 60-minute challenges.)

Back Alleys
Dead Ends
Alternate Routes

Other Relationship Stories

Primal Imperative (An alternate take on "Blood Fever", co-written with Sapphire. Hot 'n spicy het smut. Rated NC-17. Posted February 2003.)

The Captain's Closet (A short little J/P tidbit, rated R.)

We Three Together (A J/C/P trilogy. Each story is (according to my word processing program) exactly 2,000 words. Originally posted to CPSG January 1998).


Drabble-On (A C/Pish serial in progress! Currently being posted to the CPSG, more or less regularly. Each part is exactly 100 words. Now officially rated R. Mostly funny. And a bit angsty, I suppose. At 130 parts and counting! On hold for quite some time now.)

What You Get (A short angsty fic set during Gravity, one of my favorite eps of all time. Implied P/T, P/other. Rated R. Posted to PTF February 2004.)

Non-Shipper Fic

In His Mind's Eye (Drama, chock full of Tom-angst. Rated R for adult situations and language. Long. Late 1995 or 1996. My first Voyager fic!)

Enmity Mine (An alternate universe Voyager story, where Janeway and Tuvok are dead, and Chakotay has control of Voyager. C and P, PG-13 for language, not slash. It's been described as "harrowing". Not for the faint of heart.)

Closing In (An Owen Paris introspective. PG-13. P/T framework. Try it, you'll like it!)

Distance (The prequel to Closing In, written a year and a half after the original. Go figure.)

Honoris Causa (An alternate universe Paris story in a P/T framework. What if the Doc had never returned from the Alpha Quadrant after "Message in a Bottle"? PG-13. First posted February 1998.)

Oops! (A silly little "Demon" parody, rated G. Very short. Posted to CPSG May 1998).

Acid Truths (An emotional angst-fest. Deals with the aftermath of "Thirty Days", but set after Tom gets his rank back. Rated R for language. Posted October 2001.)


Breathing in his Sleep (A drabble x 5, written in another fandom entirely. Angel/Spike (weakly implied). Spoilers for Damage. Rated PG-13 just to be safe. Posted February 2004.)


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