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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Blackcat's Realm
Author: Blackcat
Dates: 2000-2002 (according to Wayback)
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager

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Blackcat's Realm was Blackcat's slash site, featuring her Chakotay/Paris Voyager fanfic. Stories were available in html and txt versions. The animated gif with the running black cat that was typical for Sentinel websites of the time was placed next to the title.

The site was a member of the Chakotay/Paris Slash Ring, The Star Trek Slash Ring and the TSU: TrekSmut University Web Ring.[1]

Chakotay/Paris stories:

  • Reflections (NC-17) -- This story was written in response to a challenge that was made on the Chakotay/Paris Support Group list, in which one of the two men is straight, and homophobia may or may not be a factor. It is also in celebration of the CPSG Birthday.
  • Breathe Again (NC-17) -- A short PWP in which the boys make a startling discovery after a heated argument.
  • Lost Time (NC-17) -- The boys begin a relationship, only to be separated by a freak time accident.
  • Fever Exposed (R) -- episode tag for "Blood Fever".
  • Bad Paragraph Challenge (PG-13) - This was the result of the "bad paragraph" challenge that was posted on the CPSG.
  • Hooked (NC-17) -- A story written in response to a challenge that was issued on the CPSG list, in which the first line of the story is "Kiss me".
  • The Destiny Series. Winner of the 1999 Golden Orgasm Award for best Kim/Other story.
    • Destiny (NC-17) -- A special person enters Tom and Chakotay's life, someone with a hidden agenda.
    • The Gift (NC-17) -- Destiny continues with this segment. Things are about to change for Voyager and the crew.
    • Decisions (NC-17) -- Third part of the Destiny series. Tom and Chakotay both make decisions that may change their lives forever. Len steps in to rectify the situation and in turn may cause more harm than good.
    • Reverberations (NC-17) -- Part four of the Destiny series. Len feels the results of his actions - both good and bad.

Dax/Torres f/f slash stories:

  • Soul Mates (NC-17) -- This is an alternate universe story pairing Jadzia Dax from DS9 and B'Elanna Torres from Voyager. The story takes place in the Delta quadrant.
  • Unexpected Crossroads (NC-17) -- B'Elanna is forced to confront her Klingon heritage, and learns to love herself in the process. Of course she has help from Jadzia.


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