Keeping the love alive...

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Name: Keeping the love alive...
Date(s): 01 May 2004-today
Archivist: Alia
Founder: Alia
Type: slash archive
Fandom: Quantum Leap

banner by Alia
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Keeping the Love alive.jpg

Keeping the love alive... is a fanfic and fanart archive for Quantum Leap slash featuring Doctor Sam Beckett & Admiral Al Calavicci. The archive is the main part of a project to keep the love for the Sam/Al pairing alive.

The archive banner was made by X.

Mission statement: "As far back as I can remember, long before I started writing Quantum Leap slash myself I have been hearing that this fandom is dying out. Well, I don't believe it and in fact if I have my way it will never happen. To do my part I have created a few banners to promote the love of Sam and Al. It's very basic and what I would like everyone to do who is involved in this fandom is take one of the banners I have made and place it somewhere visible. Don't forget to link the banner back to this page so that anyone who see's it will know where to come and save one of their own."[1]


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