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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Barb's Multi-FanPlex
Author: Barb
Dates: ? - today (last updated in 2005)
Fandom: Due South, Hard Core Logo, Highlander, The X-Files, The Sentinel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Pirates of the Caribbean, Stargate Atlantis
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Barb's Multi-FanPlex is Barb G.'s slash fanfic page. It was later renamed Barb G's Multi-FanPlex. The newer version of the site has the subtitle suffer-suffer-angst-angst-hurt-smooch-suffer.

The page is hosted by SlashCity.

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Due South

Post Call of the Wild Series

  • Staying Home A short PWP between Return Home and Taking the Bullet. What happens when the author can't be mean to her two favourite guys. (Author does not appear.)
  • Taking the Bullet Ray wants to try make-up sex, but between the three and a half bodies found, Fraser going covert, and the fisheries Minister, problems arise. What happens when the author gets over not being mean to her two favourite guys. (Author does not appear).
  • Candy From Strangers Ray and Fraser stop a minor crime on their day off, and it leads to a twisted and demented plot. I don't know, you try to summarize the story. I double dog dare you.
  • Whistling in the Dark A little story about a final good-bye. Not a death story. Well, it is a death story, but it's not like he wasn't already dead. Okay, I blew the super secret ending. Still, there's a moral to all this. Don't whistle at the northern lights.

Ghost Stories

  • Bump in the Night Fraser, Ray and a new type of ghost. Not a really nice story. Poor, poor Ray.


  • The Reflex Fraser and Ray find out what happens when you mix whisky, chocolate, and a wrong phrase or two. Fraser's father lets his opinion be known. This was my first Due South story. Yes, I know it's wrong. I'm sorry.
  • Form 1879 C Fraser and Ray and some... uh... strange Canadian red-tape. Yeah, that's what it's about... really. What, you don't trust me? That's it, this relationship is over.

Pirates of the Caribbean

  • Any Port Sequel to Rum, Sodomy, and the Brand. What happens when you go hunting for Sparrows using live bait. 11 Aug. '03
  • Stake Out A single sentence over dinner and poof, Norrington behaving badly. Will makes a decision. Or at least, the decision is made for him. 1 Aug. '03

Stargate Atlantis

  • Return Home 32k. 18 Sep/05 John falls down, and gets rescued. One is worse than the other.
  • Plus One 4k. 18 Sep/05 They got a milk-crate this time.

The X-Files

  • Match Made in Heaven Hard Core Logo crossover. Krycek meets Joe in the not-so-sweet hereafter. Warning, deathfic, kinda. Duh. (Spot the obsure Canadian movie reference in the summary, win a prize! Really? No, not really... but the reference is there.)
  • Retreat The CSM has Krycek summoned. Krycek at least gets his arm back. (No, not the one he lost in Russia. A different arm. Really.) Angst, angst, angst. What were you expecting, slapstick? Watch for the cameo appearance by a duck.
  • Guardian Angel First appeared in Ruth's brilliant Wounded Heroes magazine. This is a Mulder/Skinner story with a strong presence from Krycek. Warning: nasty stuff. Lots and lots of nasty stuff.
  • Bang for a Buck Krycek...Krycek wanted me to write this one. In fact, he insisted on it. You pretty much have to read it, 'cause if I tell you what is about, you're not going to believe me.
  • Alleyway Krycek plans another random meeting.
  • Cruel Kindness Krycek tastes the grass on the other side and then goes back to the smoker.
  • Tangled Webs Krycek practices to deceive, and gets darn good at it.
  • E-Jerk Mulder and Krycek via email.
  • Broken Glass Krycek goes with the wrong pick-up and finds how sharp he is when broken.
  • Car Games 1 (NC-17 m/m) Mulder, Krycek, and a car. And NC-17. ;)
  • Cold Sores (NC-17 m/m 10 K) Krycek is sick... Mulder is not... new type of lube... *g*

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • Puppy EvilVamp!Willow and the Master play with Puppy.


  • Old Habits Buffy crossover. Methos uses Spike as a dumping ground. Kronos cameos. And then he goes.
  • Time and Silence Leaving and coming home and Duncan and Methos. Highlander: Endgame spoilers.
  • Without a Sound Meaningless Methos angst. But the boys smooch, and hey, smooching boys. Smooching Methos. It's all good. But this story's, like, three years old, so you must forgive me.
  • Proxy (NC-17) 12K M/Other 9/20/99
  • Hormonal Adjustments by Proxy by Barb and devo. Jonathan and Pierre's relationship continues. MacLeod gets in touch with Methosian things.
  • Alternate Brothers (NC-17 [m/m] 50 K) Kronos, Methos and Richie, oh my! Set in the To Be/Not To Be Alternate Universe.
  • Bedtime Story (NC-17) Methos... initiates a little... contact 'tween he and Mac.
  • Graphic Art (NC-17 [m/m] 15 K) Methos gets... artistic.
  • On A Pale Horse
    • Part 1 The first one has no sex (some dragging behind horses, staked out in the sun and dying of thirst, but no sex...) (PG to PG-13) (28 K)
    • Part 2: Submitting To the Bit The second part does make up for it. (NC-17 [m/m you have been warned, don't come crying to me or my ISP, because trust me, I will have choice words for you] (20 K)
    • Part 3: Riding With Caspian (NC-17 [m/m]) (19 K)
    • Part 4: Handicapping the Winner (NC-17 [m/m] (18 K)
    • Part 5: Horseflies Methos' careful plans are finally coming together and Kronos loses control. Unpleasant things happens to one of them.
    • Playing For Keeps (Erm... PG? 25K) A nice bit of lighthearted fun 'tween the boys, with a dash of competition.
  • The Hand Series (R to NC-17 depending on what part of the story you are in. DM/M)
    • 1: Forcing the Hand (46 K)
    • 2: Giving the Hand Away (32 K)
    • 3: Biting the Hand That Feeds (37 K)
    • 4: The Claws That Catch (35 K)
    • 5: The Jaws That Bite (38 K)
    • 6: Vorpal Sword in Hand (35 K)
    • 7: Epilogue: Surviving the Jabberwocky (32 K)
  • The Book Series
    • 1: Garden and the Forbidden Fruit (56 K) (NC-17 [m/m])
    • 2: Sword At the Gate (32 K) (PG-14 [m/f])
    • 3: Paradise Renegotiated (61 K) (NC-17 [m/m])
    • After Gardening (39 K NC-17 [m/m] This is something that was supposed to be the beginning of a new series, but fit more into the Gardening/Book Series as an epilogue. Enjoy!
  • The Storm Series (NC-17 [m/m; [m/f])
    • Part 1: The Calm Before the Storm (24 K)
    • Part 2: Down Came the Rains (38 K) The beginning of a two part Methostorture story. Not for the weak at heart, be warned.
    • Part 3: Darkest Before Dawn (54 K) Methos' treatment makes him remember things he only wants to forget.
    • Storm Damage

  • Heat Stroke by Barb and Ophelia. Written several years back and recovered from the depths of Ophelia's hard drive. As close to HCL fluff as we get. It is too hot for young William and Joseph to sleep. Whatever shall they do?
  • Orpheus A mythological journey the Red Deer board of tourism does not want you to know about. Watch for the goat's cameo.
  • Match Made in Heaven X-Files crossover. Krycek meets Joe in the not-so-sweet hereafter. Warning, deathfic, kinda. Duh. (Spot the obsure Canadian movie reference in the summary, win a prize! Really? No, not really... but the reference is there.)
  • Pain Joe's thoughts just before the final shot of the movie. It doesn't end too well for Billy. (But we suspected as much.)
  • Bloody Footsteps Billy, the day after, finds Joe's attempt to recapture times gone by. He didn't do a very good job of it. Angst and blood and generally, a lot of unpleasant messiness. End of movie spoilers.
  • Graven Image A collaboration with Ophelia. Post movie and pre-band formation billyandjoe. Ophelia has a much prettier version version of this on her page, I'm just giving you the story itself. Enjoy.
  • China White Joe kicks the habit, Billy suffers with him.
  • You and Me The day before the Edmonton gig. (Billy/Joe)
  • Brothers in Arms A tragedy calls Billy home a year after the band splits up. (Billy/Joe)
  • Phantom Pains Just after the Vancouver gig. Billy and Joe... reminisce (Billy/Joe)
  • Someone to Watch Over Me Murder Most Likely crossover, sequel to Graven Image. Billy and Joe go on a road trip and meet a mountie.

The Sentinel

  • Skinsgame: Jim and Blair and an undercover case that really isn't. J/B NC-17
  • Reaction: Jim and Blair and some...uh...scientific research. J/B NC-17