Building A Mystery

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Title: Building A Mystery
Creator: thedivinegoat
Date: July 2005
Format: WMV
Music: "Building A Mystery" by Sarah McLachlan
Fandom: Doctor Who
URL: offline (vid announcement)
vidder's title card

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Building A Mystery is a 9th Doctor Doctor Who vid by thedivinegoat. It was reviewed by sdwolfpup on November 28, 2005 at the reel LJ community.

Vidder's summary:

Oh you're a beautiful,
a beautiful fucked up man


  • "A very good, well put-together, Doctor-centric vid that could benefit from a little more focus."[1]
  • "I especially love how the snow swirls off the dematerializing TARDIS in time with the little musical sting at the end."[2]
  • "I love how the video synchs with the lyric without being cloyingly twee; the pacing and the irony and the way the whole thing seems to tell one story by the end... This is wonderful and I'm glad I stumbled across it!"[3]