Alternate Brothers

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Title: Alternate Brothers
Author(s): Barb G
Date(s): 16 September 1999
Length: 8,611 words / 50K
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Highlander
External Links: Alternate Brothers (AO3)
Alternate Brothers (Barb's Multi-FanPlex)

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Alternate Brothers is a Highlander slash story by Barb G. The pairing is Kronos/Methos.

Summary: Kronos, Methos and Richie, oh my! Set in the To Be/Not To Be Alternate Universe.

Recs and Reviews

Teetering on the edge of consent, or maybe as close to consent as some of these guys can get HL: In the alternate world of Not to Be, Methos takes in a stray, and Kronos acts pretty much as you’d expect, in the sharply characterized Alternate brothers by Barb G.[1]


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