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For other individuals called Barb G, see Barbara.
Name: Barb G.
Alias(es): troutkitty
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Due South, Hard Core Logo, Highlander, The X-Files, The Sentinel, White Collar, others
URL: (Barb's Multi-FanPlex)
Barb G's stories at The Basement
troutkitty at LiveJournal
troutkitty at Dreamwidth
Barb G (troutkitty) at AO3
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Barb G is a fan writer. She also posts her fanfiction online as troutkitty.

Barb runs Barb's Multi-FanPlex, her fanfic page on SlashCity.


From Barb G's Archive of Our Own profile:

Barb G was born and raised in northern Alberta. She started slashing her characters before she even knew what slash was. Barb started in Highlander and X-Files fandom, migrated to Due South and Hard Core Logo with several other flings along the way, and had a brief fandom renaissance with White Collar.

She started publishing original fiction as Angela Fiddler with her Master of the Lines series, which was for a darling friend who requested a birthday present involving hot, gay, kinky vampires. She's now dabbing in a connected universe writing as Barbara Geiger. The Tempest series, starting with Coral Were His Bones, exists in the same universe as Changeling.

When she’s not following the exploits of selkies, sex demons and vampires, she writes epic fantasy and makes the occasional foray into science fiction and short stories.[1]

Original Fiction

Barb publishes original fiction as Angela Fiddler and Barbara Geiger. Barb has posted cut scenes and other short stories set in her original universes on Archive of Our Own:

Example Fanworks

Fan Comments

lorien_79's review of Barb's Highlander stories:

Uh ... how to say it ... her stories are a bit hard to read. Not just because of the physical aspects (lots of hurt, blood, violence) but because there's also a lot of psycological angst. That's sometimes really hard to read and often leaves my insides tied in a knot. O.O But that's why I like to read her too sometimes, because of the intensive emotions she can rouse with her writings (the good and the bad).[2]


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