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Name: magnetic_pole
Alias(es): Maggie
Type: fic writer, community moderator, meta writer
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes
Communities: R/S Small Gifts, Nest of Spiders, HP Reread, DH Predictions, 800 Words, HBP Challenge, HP Grad, LGBTQ Recs, API Recs
Other: Fic & Meta Masterlist
URL: LiveJournal Dreamwidth
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Magnetic Pole first created her livejournal in March 2006, participating in Harry Potter fandom by writing Remus/Sirius stories in the month-long Wellymuck community challenge. Her stories quickly became known for their handling of the complexities of topics such as family relationships, queer identities, and coming out.

Notable Communities

  • R/S Small Gifts, co-created with Busaikko, an annual holiday R/S fic and art exchange community.
  • LGBTQ Recs, a month of queer-themed recs--books, movies, music, academic articles, television shows, etc. Active in June.

Notable Fanworks

  • Out of the Cupboard Under the Stairs In the summer of 1998, after the defeat of Voldemort, Harry comes out to his friends.
    • A subtly meta story that deals with the vagaries of coming out. Notable for its take on how characters in the HP universe might react to Harry being gay.
  • Remus Lupin, Early Pioneer in the History of Magical Minority Rights Wilhelmina Weasley writes an essay about her hero in the history of Magical Minority rights.
    • Notable for the unusual POV (an essay written by a young student) and for its vision of a more progressive post-war magical society, written before the release of Deathly Hallows.