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Name: Gaila
Occupation: programmer?
Title/Rank: Cadet
Location: Starfleet Academy
Status: unknown
Relationships: roommate Uhura, Kirk/Gaila
Other: played by the actor Rachel Nichols
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Gaila is Uhura's Orion roommate at Starfleet Academy in Star Trek (2009).

Fandom Response

Although she appears in only two scenes in the movie, many fans have embraced her[1] and given her a new life in fanfiction. Common subjects in Gaila-centric fanfiction include differences between Orion and human sexual mores, whether or not she was a slave girl, and whether or not she survived the destruction of the ships sent to Vulcan.

She is sometimes shipped with Uhura.

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meta on Orions and sexual mores...? on female characters in Trek (see Misogyny in Fandom)... on depictions of slavery (green is the new black)


Notable Gaila-centric Fanworks

photo art illustration of Gaila made by girlnamedpixley for fanfic War Games by seperis




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