The Spaces Inside

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Title: The Spaces Inside
Author(s): Lavvyan
Date(s): 03 February 2007
Genre: slash, AU
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
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The Spaces Inside is a McKay/Sheppard slash AU by Lavvyan.

Summary: John didn't know when he had started to look forward to their encounters. He only knew that somehow, they had become the highlights of his week.

Reactions and Reviews

This story is set in the general universe of Xanthe's "Coming Home" and "General and Dr. Sheppard", where BDSM relationships are the norm (and no one bats an eye when people get collared). In fact, quite a few authors have written stories in the 'BDSM-verse', and I'll probably have more recs on this topic.

John picks up Rodney, a stray sub, and they begin a no-strings-attached relationship until John realizes he is getting too attached. Some may consider John and Rodney are out-of-character in this story. Indeed, they are, but that's because they've had entirely differently life experiences than the John and Rodney of Atlantis. But John is still John, complete with his inherent sense to save everyone (and that's sort of why he picked up Rodney from the street in the first place). And Rodney is...well, still a genius. While Lavvyan gave us a very submissive Rodney, it is refreshing to see a Rodney that doesn't talk 5 miles a minute (though he does return to a Rodney we're more familiar with towards the end).

There is not much power dynamics in the story and the BDSM is almost completely restricted to sex. It's really a rather sweet story. I think even people not into BDSM would enjoy this one. [1]


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