Four Years

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Title: Four Years
Creator: fabella aka wistful_fever
Date: Dec. 2007
Format: digital
Length: 3:44
Music: "Life Less Ordinary" by Carbon Leaf
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Footage: SGA
URL: Four Years vid announcement post on LJ

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Four Years is a SGA McShep vid by Fabella. It is often cited as a vid that is able to show non-shippers why the pairing is so popular. Fans don't agree on whether it is angsty or squeeful.

Author's summary: Four years of John loving Rodney. Rodney is a) oblivious, b) deliberately ignorant, or c) not as smart as he likes to think he is.

It won 1st place in the category fanvids in the McKay/Sheppard Fan Awards 2008.

Recs and Reviews

  • "It's Like Slash Goggles for Normal People! (...) This is the classic, the perfect slash vid. If, in the future, anyone is looking to define the slash vid as a genre, I suggest just smacking this vid down and saying, "Watch." Fabella here shows what source looks like through slash-o-vision, and she does it a) mostly through body language (watch John!), which made me bounce up and down like a little girl, and b) with a narrative.
Because, okay, let's face it. Slash vids are fun when you're deeply into a pairing, but they can sometimes leave you a little bit, "Um. Yes, they're so totally doing it. And...?" Or, at least, they can if you're me, although I am well-known to be equipped with a heart made entirely of recycled tires and crustaceans. (The Grinch is my second cousin. Heart problems run in our family.) But this vid - there's a story in here, a classic slash narrative, and that just makes the vid, turns it from just another slash vid to the ultimate slash vid.
I mean, yes, fine. It's also perfectly (and interestingly) cut, with a great song choice and brilliant clip selection and all that. Yes. It is. But the heart of this vid, for me, is the slash, the pining, the story. (John is in love, and Rodney needs to be clonked on the head a few times.) And although you probably need to be into this pairing to love this vid, even if you're not, it's worth watching because - well, I don't think it can get any better than this.
(Also: OMG EEEEEEEEE <3!)"[1]
  • "If ever there was an OH, JOHN! video that focused on his pining for Rodney, it's this one. Damn. Someone hand me a tissue, or better yet, a new & hot & happily-ending John/Rodney story?"[2]
  • "VID INSTANT REC!!!! I loved the song choice, the editing, and wow what a wonderful squeeful vid. :)"[3]
  • "It goes without saying how unequovicably awesome Fabella is, and this video is no exception. If you remotely enjoy slash, John or Rodney, this vid is made for your viewing and squee pleasure. Fabella opines about the dificulties she encountered whilst making the video, but really when you see the end product, it's just an adorable ride through four years of Stargate Atlantis and John/Rodney's dynamic."[4]


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