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Name: Siriaeve
Alias(es): siria
Type: fanwriter
Fandoms: Stargate Atlantis, Hawaii Five-0, The Avengers (Marvel), Teen Wolf, Elementary.
URL: siria (Dreamwidth), siriaeve (LiveJournal), Siria (AO3)
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Siriaeve is a fanwriter who writes primarily in Stargate Atlantis fandom, as well as Hawaii Five-0, The Avengers (Marvel), Teen Wolf, and Elementary.



Fusion SGA and Superman

  • Truth, Justice, and Rodney McKay "bizarrely charming fusion where Rodney plays the Lois Lane part, and John is both Superman and Clark Kent, I mean, Sheppard" (description from Fusion entry).

Hawaii Five-0

  • Day One - In which Steve and Danny are dumbface in love. (2012)
  • High, High, Very High - In which nothing turns out like Danny expects, but pretty much exactly like he wants. (2011)
  • hoʻokāne - As active as Danny's imagination was, however, as strong as all his fears could be at the thoughts of his little girl being taken away from him again, he'd forgotten to factor in one very important element: Steve. (2013)
  • Ho'oko'iko'i pua ahi 'ole - Q: Is he a surfing slacker or decorated navy SEAL? A: Try both. What is it about extreme surfer Steve "Smooth Dog" McGarrett? Ambitious documentarian Danny Williams has filmed risk-taking sports enthusiasts before, but he's never made a private tape of one of these bad boys…. And it turns out the daring, hot movie version's got nothing on the real thing! But Danny's X-treme documentary is turning into an X-asperating docudrama, since McGarrett won't sign the release form. No paper from McGarrett, no big break for Danny. McGarrett wants to help the fiery little number behind the lens, but he can't because his secret life as a navy SEAL has him deep undercover. Yet as Danny stumbles into the line of fire, all bets are quickly off. Steve's risking everything to save Danny. But will it be enough? (2011)
  • hoʻomanawanui i ka ʻono - So Steve is trapped in an elevator. And the others are working on getting him out. (2010)
  • Inkling - "This is very sad," Danny says. (2010)
  • A Jug of Wine, a Trebuchet, and Thou - In which Steve and Danny are medieval history professors. (2011)
  • Mr Rosso Goes to Hawaii - In which there is an undercover op, and no one looks like a waiter. The story used the undercover in a gay bar trope. Steve McGarrett and Danny Williams try to infiltrate a drug cartel by posing as a gay married (gangster) couple. (2010)
  • Object Lessons - ficlet written for kissemdanno. (2010)
  • Smooth - Thanks to the unfortunate intersection of Danny's fist with the face of that smug bastard, Richardson, the fingers of his right hand are a little bit broken. (2011)