Ho'oko'iko'i pua ahi 'ole

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Title: Hoʻokoʻikoʻi pua ahi ʻole
Author(s): siriaeve
Date(s): 29 August 2011
Length: ~19,000 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
External Links: Hoʻokoʻikoʻi pua ahi ʻole (Dreamwidth)
Hoʻokoʻikoʻi pua ahi ʻole (AO3)

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Hoʻokoʻikoʻi pua ahi ʻole is a Steve/Danny story by siriaeve.

Summary: Q: Is he a surfing slacker or decorated navy SEAL? A: Try both. What is it about extreme surfer Steve "Smooth Dog" McGarrett? Ambitious documentarian Danny Williams has filmed risk-taking sports enthusiasts before, but he's never made a private tape of one of these bad boys…. And it turns out the daring, hot movie version's got nothing on the real thing! But Danny's X-treme documentary is turning into an X-asperating docudrama, since McGarrett won't sign the release form. No paper from McGarrett, no big break for Danny. McGarrett wants to help the fiery little number behind the lens, but he can't because his secret life as a navy SEAL has him deep undercover. Yet as Danny stumbles into the line of fire, all bets are quickly off. Steve's risking everything to save Danny. But will it be enough?

Recs and Reviews

Why we love it: Written for h50_flashfic's Harlequin challenge, this fic is an interesting blend of genres. It is part AU, part case!fic and part Harlequin romance. Good characterizations and a very unique alternate life for Danny made this AU catch our eye. [1]
I love the McGarrett/Danny Williams banter in canon and I love it even more when a writer manages to capture that tone and snark in their stories as well.

In this story Danny is not a police man but he did follow Rachel to the islands to be closer to his daughter. It's interesting to see a different approach on how Steve and Danny might have met, considering the different career choice Danny made. Even though they are not forced into car chases, shoot outs and arrests every day, the banter and the snark is still the same.

The real challenge with AUs where the characters are not what and who they are in canon is that many times the author doesn't manage to capture the personality of the character or they completely dismiss any and all canon characteristics. Hoʻokoʻikoʻi pua ahi ʻole manages to avoid any such mistakes and takes us on an entertaining and thrilling "What if". [2]


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