The Hawaii Five-0 Rec Room

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Journal Community
Name: The Hawaii Five-0 Rec Room
Date(s): founded 4 February 2011
Moderator: jesseofthenorth, kristen999, shadynaiad, shinysylver
Founder: shinysylver
Type: recommendations
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
The Hawaii Five-0 Rec Room.png

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The Hawaii Five-0 Rec Room is a Hawaii Five-0 recommendation community on LiveJournal.

Description: "This community is dedicated to recommending the best works from the CBS show Hawaii Five-0. Works can refer to fanfiction, music videos, and other forms of art. Everything is welcomed. Slash, femslash, het, & gen. You'll have to join the com to post rec's."

Ground Rules:

Respect each other. This is a place to celebrate the fic and art produced by the Hawaii Five-0 fandom. Critique and discussion are welcome but do not attack/bash/bitch-out each other or the mods.

Respect the fandom. Fandom can be a contentious place but this community is designed to rec all types of Hawaii Five-0 fic and artwork not just your ship. We want everyone to feel represented here so do not attack/bash/bitch-out people that like different things than you. No ship wars.

Respect the show. This is not a place to attack/bash/bitch-out the actors, show-runners, or writers of the television show Hawaii Five-0. They are working hard to create a show we love so be respectful.


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