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Name: kristen999
Fandoms: Hawaii Five-0, Stargate Atlantis, NCIS, Daredevil
Communities: Sheppard H/C
URL: kristen999 (LJ)
kristen999 (AO3)
thekristen999 (Tumblr)
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kristen999 is a fanfiction writer and her H50 gen stories have won in several categories of the Hawaii Five-0 Ohana Favorite Awards 2012. She is also founder and moderator of the Sheppard H/C LiveJournal community and a moderator for The Hawaii Five-0 Rec Room.

Hawaii Five-0 Fanfiction

  • Against the Wall - There's no plan. Adrenaline and anger dictate his actions. Danny reaches the door. The fact that it’s unlocked, that he's deemed not a threat, fuels his rage. (gen, 2011)
  • Anchors - This is the first night Steve has spent alone in his father's house since he died. (1.01 The Pilot- Coda) (gen, 2012)
  • Beneath the Trident - Steve and Danny go undercover to investigate the death of a SEAL before a sensitive joint Special Forces’ operation. With Steve as the SEALs' new team leader and Danny as the reporter assigned to shadow him, Danny finally gets to see the hidden depths of the real Lt. Commander McGarrett. Set between 2.22 and 2.23. (Steve/Danny, 2012)
  • Floodgate - Steve grapples for a lifeline. Coda to 5.07. (Steve/Danny pre-slash, 2014)
  • The Garden of Steven - If Danny's a little baffled by Steve's notions of R&R, well, he just wasn't expecting this...(Steve/Danny, 2012)
  • The Gift - Danny and Steve would never be the same again. Coda to 6.25. (Steve/Danny, 2016)
  • High Stakes, Desperate Measures - The team struggles to locate Steve when he disappears, throwing them into a world of espionage. Not only do they have to race against a ticking clock, but they must enlist the help of a known enemy, and team-up with an agent of the NSA whom they may not be able to trust. (Set a few weeks after 2x15) (gen, 2012)
  • The Hoku - The Hoku is the governor’s flagship patrolling the Hawaiian islands for criminal and machine threats. (Steve/Danny AU, 2014)
  • Life Is The Fire In Which We Burn - A house, a family, countless regrets. Steve has always had holes to fill. (gen, 2012)
  • No Way Out But Through - Falling is never easy, nor is standing back up again. (Steve/Danny, 2013)
  • Out of the Depths - Steve's team vowed to bring him home, but escaping North Korea was just the first step in the journey. Coda to 2x10. (gen, 2012)
  • Protégé - Octane fuels Kono’s blood, the same untamed rocket fuel in McGarrett's. That's why Kono asked her boss if he’d train her as a sniper. (gen, 2012)
  • Trust People and They Will Be True to You - Danny's brain catches up with current events, his face going white. “Oh my God. Look at you. With your Rambo paint and hardware from the latest issue of Guns and Ammo. You're in Super-SEAL mode! Please, please don't tell me those clowns were right and that you're the strike-force?” (gen, 2011)
  • When the Ocean Meets the Shore - Some cases are personal. Others become an obsession. The death of a friend leads Steve and the team on a collision course with his past, the collateral damage endangering them all. (gen, 2011)

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