No Way Out But Through

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Title: No Way Out But Through
Author(s): kristen999
Date(s): 22 April 2013
Length: 39,032 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
External Links: No Way Out But Through (AO3)

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No Way Out But Through is a Steve/Danny story by kristen999.

Summary: Falling is never easy, nor is standing back up again.

Recs and Reviews

Kristen has done it again. This fic is no less outstanding then any of the others she has had recced here. This is so real and visceral, Steve's pain, confusion and self doubt, Danny's need to hide within his job to be able to get through it. It's wonderfully researched and grippingly told. Her work is always a pleasure to read and this is yet another fic that you'll want to hold and snuggle into on cold winter nights.[1]


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