High Stakes, Desperate Measures

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Title: High Stakes, Desperate Measures
Author(s): kristen999
Date(s): 18 june 2012
Length: 36,005 words
Genre: gen fanfiction
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
External Links: High Stakes, Desperate Measures (AO3)

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High Stakes, Desperate Measures is a Hawaii Five-0 gen story by kristen999.

Summary: The team struggles to locate Steve when he disappears, throwing them into a world of espionage. Not only do they have to race against a ticking clock, but they must enlist the help of a known enemy, and team-up with an agent of the NSA whom they may not be able to trust. (Set a few weeks after 2x15)

Recs and Reviews

And last is a single chapter fic that is longer than all three chapters of the last fic. High Stakes, Desperate Measures is another S02 fic but this one isn’t directly Wo Fat related. It’s a very plot driven fic, and features much McGarrett whumping, which honestly, that’s why we all watch the show, right? Right. There are more OCs in this, I especially like the NSA agent. The way Kristen999 writes the countdown progression of time definitely lends a sense of urgency to this fic, and given that the whole point is under some serious time constraint to rescue their fearless leader, that is very well executed. The politics in this fic are also good, adding to the plot in a realistic way that doesn’t distract from the main plot of ‘Steven’s in trouble AGAIN and the team needs to save him’. Lastly, Adam Noshimuri is in this, and clearly this was written before his and Kono’s whole canon thing, but I really like the direction the author has him take in this story.[1]


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