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Title: hoʻokāne
Author(s): Siria
Date(s): 10 April 2013
Length: 13,614 words
Genre: slash fanfiction, Marriage of Convenience
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
External Links: hoʻokāne (AO3)
cover art by marciellesmusings

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hoʻokāne is a Steve/Danny story by Siria. It was written for dogeared and it has been translated into Chinese by Christywalks.

Summary: As active as Danny's imagination was, however, as strong as all his fears could be at the thoughts of his little girl being taken away from him again, he'd forgotten to factor in one very important element: Steve.

Author's notes:
An AU which goes in a slightly different direction from 3.14, and makes a couple of other arbitrary changes to canon just because. Also plays fast and loose with the law as it exists probably most places, let alone in the state of Hawaii. Thanks to Sheafrotherdon for betaing.

Recs and Reviews

Wonderful! I adored every word. I loved Steve getting what he wanted from Danny like he was planning a military op. Loved Danny's sudden realization that he'd been had - and being totally ok with it. Terrific job on this. Thanks for giving it to us.[1]
THIS IS SO WONDERFUL!! Oh my gosh, my heart—the way Danny keeps catching Steve's contented looks, even before he figures out what it means, and Steve so intense and intent (and happy!) once Danny figures out what he wants, oh oh oh. I love this so so much—thank you, wee siri! ♥ ♥ ♥[2]
This was brilliant! I love how the most expedient way of doing things is the way that gets Steve exactly what he wants. I love how Steve is so happy having Danny as he platonic husband because at least he has him. I love how Danny is in denial until he realizes how bad it feels to have his husband be hurt. I love how everyone already thinks they are in a romantic relationship. And I especially love the ending.[3]
Ahaha! So perfect! Never let it be said that Steven McGarrett does not know the fastest way to get from Point A to Point B. OR that Danny Williams is not willing to be had. In every sense of the word. :D *squishes*[4]
"Where by 'stuff like this'," Danny said, deadpan, "you mean our secret gay love affair?"

I really, really loved this. The flow of this was gorgeous. I was pulled right into your Danny voice and loved every moment of the ride with a big grin of my face. I laughed quite a bit.

Oh, Steve and his ops of efficiency, smug smiles, and silent pining. And Danny slowly realizing he was in love with his not-husband. Bonus points for adorable Grace. This was such a feel-good story with a kick. (Not to mention boat explosions)[5]
Explicit, 13,000+ words, Marriage of Convenience Canon-Divergence AU. It is a truth universally acknowledged that a fandom in possession of an OTP must be in want of MoC-fic. And this one is so very, very good. Comes complete with: non-obnoxious dialogues involving a child who doesn't speak like an adult, domesticity, Danny being continually horrified by Steve's complete disregard for normal human behavior, the team being awesome, and some hot, hot married-sex.
"It was a tactical decision. Got us our objective with the minimum of fuss, and it's a plausible scenario."
"Plausible?" Danny said, spitting out each consonant as if it had personally offended him.
"We've known one another for a while, we hang out a lot," Steve said, "plus you're a cop and I'm Navy, makes sense that we wouldn't be up front about stuff like this."
"Where by 'stuff like this,'" Danny said, deadpan, "you mean our secret gay love affair?"
Steve folded his arms. "Exactly."[6]
Pretty much what happens is that in order for Danny to keep custody of Gracie he and Steve enter into a marriage of convenience. The face that no one, not even their closest friends thought their marriage was a lie was Danny’s first clue and soon both of them will learn that not everything is about expediency… This fic is so cute it gave me cavities. Danny is oblivious and Steve is a goofball. What more could you want, really?[7]


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