High, High, Very High

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Title: High, High, Very High
Author(s): Siria
Date(s): 10 January 2011
Length: 20,805 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
External Links: High, High, Very High (AO3)
High, High, Very High (Dreamwidth)

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High, High, Very High is a Steve/Danny story by Siria.

Summary: In which nothing turns out like Danny expects, but pretty much exactly like he wants.

Recs and Reviews

Steve gets injured and the team helps Danny realize that for him, everything comes back to Steve.[1]
It was great to get a long story with a plot, plus great Steve/Danny build-up. Yay for this!! And I loved Steve babysitting Grace and having his toes painted and teaching her phrases like "unacceptable risk" and braiding her hair badly. *g* Great story.[2]
Why we love it: A pretty interesting case!fic with excellent dialogue, and good team inter-action even if Steve spends most of it sidelined with an injury.[3]
It starts with a shoot-out in a diner, it has fabulous team dynamics, and Steve is forced to wait out his medical leave by looking after Grace for Danny while Rachel's away and Danny's at work. Naturally, you want a babysitter who knows several ways to disarm an attacker; unfortunately, Steve would've done better if he'd known about things like naps and avoiding sugar. Still, the story rolls on with Steve learning how to trust Danny to do the job without him for a little while, and also learning what it means to care for the most important thing in someone else's life. That level of trust isn't given to just anyone ... and it helps both Danny and Steve realize what they are to one another, and what they could be.[4]
You know you're in for an awesome ride when the first scene involves lunchtime bickering over loco moco (which is awesome stuff, btw, even if it does take you aback the first time somebody hands you a takeout box of it) and the gunfight at the OK Corral. I had to read this with my hand clapped over my mouth to keep my hysterical laughter from disturbing people who were, you know, working. I think the fact that I read 20K words ON MY PHONE speaks for itself. (No kidding, tfg for the Stanza app and AO3's ebook download feature.)[5]
If you're suffering from withdrawal because there's no new Hawaii Five-O ep this week, go read this now. THIS IS THE EP THAT SHOULD BE MADE. THE ONE WITH BOYKISSING AND GRACE PAINTING STEVE'S TOENAILS AND FABULOUS KONO AND CHIN THE BOSS. \o/[6]


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