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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Going Public
Author(s): Martha Selena Brown
Date(s): 1988
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Going Public is a Kirk/Spock story by Martha Selena Brown.

It was published in the print zine Naked Times #20.


"Kirk and Spockʼs tent is bugged while theyʼre on their “honeymoon” on a planet where the populace is very conservative and theyʼre relationship would be thought something they would try to hide."


"Kirk flushed. "They want a kiss, Spock," he whispered in some embarrassment. "Each of them" the Vulcan asked incredulously. "No! Between us."

Reactions and Reviews

Running a close second [as favorite in story in the zine] is GOING PUBLIC. This is another author I've been seeing more from lately, and I hope this trend continues. This story is a departure from her usual work, in that it involves a great deal o f humorous situations. Not actually a "humor" story in itself; GOING PUBLIC is a story that I could compared to "A Piece of the Action" or other Trek episodes in that vein. [1]
I enjoyed this very much. A plausible plot (though I am somewhat tired of K and S going camping so often) that amusingly pointed out that you can't blackmail other people for what you consider shameful. Kirk's subsequent hesitation at making love for fear of being "bugged" again was a good point, and McCoy and Scott's "act" when they went to get the tape was very funny! As I began reading this story, my first thought was A CAMPING STORY?? Then I quickly found myself into the scene. There was a reference to one of the aired episodes, and I enjoy that. Then Ms. Brown put the reader into good bantering conversations, warm physical interaction and a nice descriptive meld. The characterization was very well done. She showed us an easy, warm, mature relationship. It was a nice handling of plot as little bits of the background story are allowed to intrude until it finally takes over. The 'Going Public' scene was well written and appealed to the romantic in me. A humorous situation between McCoy and Scott is shown and both are seen to be very supportive of Kirk and Spock. At the end I had a smile on my face. In conclusion, a light-hearted warm story showing all four senior officers as comrades. Very visual, it would have made a good (though X-rated) episode. Hey, Gene! You've tried NBC and FOX. How about PLAYBOY Channel? [2]
A very refreshing establish relationship story. Nice images, good pacing, tender, warm, amusing... and a real plot! I had a little trouble with Kirk calling Spock "Babe", but that is a minor quibble. A very enjoyable, light-hearted, interesting read. [3]
If you're looking for something a little different, you'll like this. I did.

A tent in the rain—a great opportunity for honeymooners. Not so different perhaps—until Spock becomes intrigued with unexplained readings on his tricorder.

There's some real yummy loving here, quite verbally demonstrative, too! Nice. But then Spock finds the source of the tricorder trouble. There's a "bug" in their gear and a blackmailer on the other end of the transmission with a tell-tale recording. Seems he thinks he has a real coup here until McCoy has an ingenious idea of Kirk proportions. A "coming out" party, complete with announcement of their bonding is planned. It's a rousing success and ends with a great, crowd-pleasing kiss that is anything but platonic! What a great idea this is. We all know the respect this crew has for their commanding officers but it is a real treat to see it expressed in this very public setting.

From start to finish Going Public exudes happiness from every sentence. Without begin soppy, it shows how love can get you through anything. Everybody won except the blackmailer, who I expect is still scratching his head over the way his plans backfired! [4]


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