A Better Fate

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Title: A Better Fate
Author(s): Chelle
Date(s): 2006?
Length: 160K
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
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A Better Fate is a Stargate AtlantisJohn/Rodney story by Chelle.

Reactions and Reviews

McKay/Sheppard. This is probably one of my all-time favorite SGA fics. Following a disastrous mission, the guys are granted leave back on Earth. Opting to spend their time with John's parents, John and Rodney make their peace with recent past events and with each other. The story is a bit AU (John's dad is a teacher, not with the military). I love SGA stories where the characters are back on Earth, and with the gentle progression of the McShep relationship, this is one of the best. [1]
The dialogue here is very natural and believable, the characterisations subtle and excellently done, their slow slide into a sexual expression of their already obvious love and affection for each other is wonderful. I LOVED this story very much. Note: There's reference to torture in this story but it's not graphic so wimps like me can relax.[2]


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