Downton Abbey

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Name: Downton Abbey
Creator: Julian Fellows
Date(s): September 26, 2010 – December 25, 2015; 2019
Medium: Television, film
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
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Downton Abbey is a British live-action television series that ran for 6 seasons between 26 September 2010 – 25 December 2015. The series aired on ITV in the United Kingdom and in the United States on PBS. This costume drama follows the life of the Crawley family, a titled aristocratic family with an estate in Yorkshire, and their household staff, from 1912 through the interwar years.

A feature film continuation was released in 2019, renewing interest in the fandom.


Downton Abbey is a gateway fandom into other British costume dramas and romances and to first-time participation in fandom. Many of these new-to-fandom fans host tea and viewing parties, recreate character costumes, and post episode reviews on their blogs but would not necessarily identify these activities or they themselves as belonging to fandom. [1]


Popular ships in Downton include het, slash and femslash ships. They can be canonical (such as Mary Crawley/Matthew Crawley, Tom Branson/Sybil Crawley or Thomas Barrow/Richard Ellis, introduced in the 2019 feature film) and non-canonical (for example Thomas Barrow/Jimmy Kent and Cora Crawley/Sarah O'Brien). The stories with the most kudos tend to center around canonically queer character Thomas Barrow, in many cases with canon pairings serving as background for his frequent redemption arcs.

Most popular ships on AO3 as of March 2020:

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