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Name: Stanley "Stan" Uris
Occupation: Accountant
Relationships: Patty Blum (wife); Donald Uris (father); Andrea Bertoly (mother)
Fandom: IT
Other: Played by: Andy Bean, Ben Heller, Richard Masur & Wyatt Oleff
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Stanley "Stan" Uris is one of the protagonists of IT.



In the year of 1972 Herbert Blum mentioned that Stanley was 'four-eyed'[1] - therefore he wore glasses. In the same year he was mentioned to be 'ropy with muscle' and to have 'gingery pubic hair.'[2] He's also said to have 'an easy grin, a hipshot way of walking, a taste for bell-bottomed jeans on his days off, and the last ghosts of his adolescent acne still on his face.'[3]

As for his personality, Stan is described as 'preternaturally confident ... Young, personable, bright, apt...' come 1975.[3]

"Hello, Stan Uris is hilarious and amazing and brave..."[4]


Early Life (Ca. 1947-1984)


Stanley attended New York University on a scholarship.


He was married to Patty Blum (whom he had met at a sorority party) on August 19, 1972 after a spring engagement. To propose, Stanley gave Patty a 'small diamond ring with a daisy pushed through it.'[5] Their first home together had been in Traynor, Georgia. A home in which they had a third bedroom containing a desk for Stanley's work, a chair for him to read in, and her sewing machine and cardtable for jigsaw puzzles.

And in 1973, they began trying for a baby.

"Stanley wanted kids. She wanted kids. They were as compatible on that subject as they were on their enjoyment of Woody Allen films, their more or less regular attendance at synagogue, their political leanings, their dislike of marijuana, a hundred other things both great and small."[6]

By 1976 they decided to see a Dr. Harkaway in Atlanta regarding their ability to get pregnant. But nothing, physically, was wrong...

In 1979 they purchased a home together in Atlanta, Georgia for $87,000 (which by 1985 could probably sell for $165,000.)

Occupation and Accomplishments

When they first moved to Atlanta, Stan earned a hundred dollars a week driving a bakery truck. Then in November of that same year, was offered a job with a fifty dollar pay increase at H&R Block. Patty and his combined income was $17,000 a year.

Then, in 1975, Stanley left the H&R office to open his own business, but was, shortly after, given a $30,000/year full-time job with Corridor Video, a client whom he'd worked with while at H&R. He turned their offer down, but through them he was able to meet many wealthy men within Atlanta, and able to build up his business to a six-figure income.

Current Life (1985-Now)

He owns a Mercedes diesel, which Patty refers to as 'Sedanley.'


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Tropes & Fanon

Meta On Stan Being Apathetic Toward Religion

Stanley is canonically Jewish, and there was a moment in the 2017 film wherein Stanley's father somewhat aggressively told him that if he wasn't going to use/study his Torah properly, that he might as well put it away. Many fans believed this was Stanley's father being overly critical. Within that same scene, it was noted that the Torah was upside down when Stanley picked it up, leading many to believe this was an error by those in charge of props. However, there is another possibility. "- it’s Stanley Uris who hastily tried to trick his father into thinking he was studying for his upcoming Bar Mitzvah."[7]

Example Fanworks

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