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Title: Reddie by Moska Fleur
Editor(s): Moska Fleur, Archived version
Type: Art Zine
Date(s): Available for Pre-Order: 4 December 2019[1], Pre-Orders Closed: 7 December 2019[2], Printed: 27 January 2020[3], Last-Chance Orders: 16 February 2020[4]
Medium: Print, and E-Zine
Size: A5, 38 pages: 7 illustrations and 3 comics
Fandom: IT
Language: English
External Links: Reddie by Moska Fleur, Archived version
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Reddie by Moska Fleur is a full-color Reddie art zine.


An NSFW zine themed around the romantic relationship between Eddie Kaspbrak and Richie Tozier, featuring Moska Fleur's art.


For a physical copy of the zine, it cost €15, plus €11 shipping, worldwide. The physical copy included two art prints and two stickers.[5]

For the PDF version, it cost €15.


  1. The Losers Club in a group photo pose, wherein Eddie Kaspbrak has picked up Richie Tozier.
  2. (CW: Substance Use) Canon Divergent Fancomic of Richie and Eddie getting together at the motel, including a First Kiss.
  3. Fancomic page 2.
  4. Fancomic page 3.
  5. Fancomic page 4.
  6. Fancomic page 5.
  7. Fancomic page 6.
  8. Fancomic page 7.
  9. Fancomic page 8.
  10. Censored version of Richie jerking off Eddie from behind.
  11. Uncensored version of Richie jerking off Eddie from behind.
  12. Canon Divergent Fancomic of Eddie waking Richie up from the deadlights with a kiss, results in the Losers defeating Pennywise and Richie and Eddie holding hands.
  13. Fancomic page 2.
  14. Fancomic page 3.
  15. Fancomic page 4.
  16. Fancomic page 5.
  17. Fancomic page 6.
  18. Fancomic page 7 - switches scenes to the Quarry where the Losers celebrate and Richie and Eddie hug and cling to each other. They also share a kiss.
  19. Fancomic page 8.
  20. Fancomic page 9.
  21. Fancomic page 10.
  22. Fancomic page 11.
  23. Fancomic page 12 - ends with Stanley Uris rising from the water, having been hidden from the Losers by Pennywise.
  24. (CW: Blood) Richie and Eddie with their faces close, Eddie's hand over Richie's, which is cupping Eddie's jaw.
  25. (CW: Substance Use, Fat Shaming, Minor Infidelity) Canon Divergent Fancomic where Eddie and Richie are outside the motel the night prior to fighting Pennywise, and Eddie begins to panic over the idea of leaving Myra Kaspbrak. Richie tries to calm him and encourage him to let himself be free, do what he truly wants. Assuring Eddie that he'll still have Richie in the end, if nothing else. Eddie assures Richie of the same, with a gently touch that leads to a kiss.
  26. Fancomic page 2.
  27. Fancomic page 3.
  28. Fancomic page 4.
  29. Fancomic page 5.
  30. Fancomic page 6.
  31. Fancomic page 7.
  32. Fancomic page 8.
  33. Fancomic page 9.
  34. Fancomic page 10.
  35. Fancomic page 11.
  36. Richie and Eddie Kissing, both their pants un-buttoned as Richie caresses Eddie through his underwear.
  37. Richie holding Eddie by the back of his neck, their faces close, as Eddie unbuttons Richie's pants.
  38. Thank you page with fanart of Richie and Eddie Flirting and arm wrestling.


OctoberObserver, Archived version said, "Such a gorgeous Reddie zine. Highly recommend it for giving our boys everything they want. 10/10."[6]


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